The Russian Throne

(July, 2000)



Does Russia has any chance to survive as a nation? If it should has a new Tsar or a spiritual leader? What immediate step should be taken for revival? These and many other questions are addressed in the last poem. This is not an abstract speculation, but a pain of a truly Russian heart from the Heartland of Russia.

Alexander Hamilton, one of the Fathers of America, considered that a country which does not pay its debts cannot prosper externally and be stable internally.


This poem appeared just days before the 82th Death Anniversary of the last Russian Tsar Family. With an extreme degree of honesty and heart pain the author describes the bolshevism crime in 1918. It is impossible to build anything stable with this evil in the base.


The author insisted that all subsequent disasters in Russia are results of brutal execution of a God chosen person and his family. Based on this point the author proclaims that there is the only real chance for salvation of Russia. The poetic language of the poem possesses a romantic light, clearness, and preciosity in an equal degree. This poem is also a story about True Love in the face of Death.


It is difficult to understand this poem without knowledge of the 1000 years of Russian history and the last century. It would be a real challenge for gifted people who love Russian poetry and language to translate. However, everybody who is interested to accept this challenge is welcome to contact the author. 












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