Swallow's Nest




 This essay-memory is based on real events and was written during 10 years (1990-1999). Such a serious work was due to the scale of the personality of Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Russian writer, thinker, and the sister of a great Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva.


Uncomfortable, cold, and slushy Moscow of March 1990 suddenly turns to a confidante of Destiny. In a tight appartment on Bolshaya Spasskaya street with a paper Pegasus fasten with pins to the door the sister of Marina Tsvetaeva meets with future Russian poet and writer Larisa Gumerov. An alive voice of a Poet and the blessing guesture of her august hand… This essay-memory is about how this happenned, what this event was filled with, and how it influenced on the future.


The essay was published in a literary Russian-language magazine "Greater Washington" (No. 5-7 (22-24), 1999, and No. 1 (25), 2000). The author would like to find volunteers to make a literary translation from Russian to English. Once this will be done the English-speaking visitors of this site will have an opportunity to read the full text of this essay. Please contact the author: larisa_3000@hotmail.com.