Sun and Star Princess


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Her name is Diana. When she appears home, the life in it drastically changes. The world suddenly erupts and starts to turn, sparkling like a Christmas ornament. She bursts; all the winds of the Atlantic blow the doors and the windows wide open, uplifting the curtain sails that sweep the gray dust from our faces. In the drowsy rooms, bells ring unceasingly: she is laughing. And what’s more, in them reign music. Just as the Princess awakens, she begins to sing and laugh. And we dance; laughing and singing along with her. 


Our Sun and Star is again with us! We become alive: we begin to breathe in the height of fresh air, flying away in the streams of whirling funnels and whirlpools of color, ideas, and sounds. She creates! Her appearance is always a sudden miracle, and you are never ready; she destroys walls and flips the soul. Her eyes are enormous, in them is reflected the whole world, – such helpless beauty, lost, and calling. When she plays on her piano, putting her heart on the keyboard, stars scatter from under her fingertips. It hurts, its rays pierce you, but you now finally know what life is.


The Sun Princess has an incredible kindness. She loves everyone, especially cats, and she wants to help everyone obtain the desire to create, sing and laugh. But sometimes, she cries. A stream of tears would run down her rosy cheeks, but she does not blame anyone, she just sympathizes those who have offended or misunderstood her. And then she would leave because you can only sing and laugh when there is love in the air. She leaves, and then begins a snowfall…


Right behind her back falls a thick, gray and endless snow, as if the world lost all the colors as it immerses itself in an icy shroud. Please, never be insulted, Princess! Never approach them with festive curiosity, do not touch, and do not hurt their indifference. After all, Sunny Princesses are hostesses of poetry. Poems walk after them like a family of loyal dogs in their Sky Castles. They are ready to attack and bite anyone who looks at the subject of their adoration with not the same intensity of admiration and awe.


Well, let’s not talk about sad things here. After all, we love our Princess with all our hearts with all of her swirls and ideas from which our home and soul burst at the seams and stagger and lose their balance. But we rejoice! We are happy, we feel the fresh wind of Creation and what comes out of it, and we thank God that he trusted and opened us her soul. And we also want to say that our Sun and Star is humble and unassuming. She can huddle in the tiny kitchen or someone’s couch, even though it is not to size or scale, and she stays Sunny in any life circumstances. She can compose her songs anywhere that she hears music that covers her head with a wave of anxiety and compassion. She does not think much about earthly things, and she does not participate in the baseless pursuit of material possession. Princesses live in their Sky Castles and do not envy worldly acquisitions.


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Maybe they are coming from this galaxy?


What is the secret of the appearance of the Sun Princess? Ours was born under a huge Blue Star. Not too long from the birth of my daughter, at nights I would go out to breathe fresh air from the balcony. I always met with the star as I looked at the sky. I hid behind the clothes hanging on the laundry line, hiding from the star’s unbearable and frightening beauty. I did not know anything about the Age of Aquarius, which is characterized by a time of blossoming, spiritual growth, and creative freedom. In my heart I felt intensely overwhelmed; I felt the coming of a grand event. Of course, I linked all this to the upcoming birth of a child. But how is it that that with our Princess, this feeling of grandiose and wonder never leaves. In fact, her day of birth is also unique and significant to the world, and to Russian History.


And moreover, our girl grew amongst her dad’s songs and her mom’s poems, surrounded with stories under the Christmas tree which stood in our home from December to February. From childhood, she was nurtured in the spirit of mystery, awaiting a miracle, in the aroma of winter forests and Christmas tree resin: the little Princess lived in the spirit of creativity. At two years she loved Daniel Harms, and she created adorable stories. From some paper, she created vivid words using color and imagination. She worked hard and in everything she noticed hidden magic. She did not give anyone rest, seizing everyone in her currents of inspiration. Perhaps it was good for her that she was born in Russia in a Russian family, and soon ended up in America. Perhaps, she was lucky with friends and cats and with a beautiful prince. But most importantly: she always felt that the world was good to her, that she is right and can do anything. And that she is understood.


In December of this year, the Princess again is leaving her home. She is flying to Europe where she wants to deeply study painting, dive into history, and visit museums and art galleries, and to see the world’s masterpieces from masters. Until we meet again, Sun and Star! Come home sooner. Do not let our home become dusty and the flowers wither without your voice and laughter. Being born under an incredible star, you are going on your personal path, marked by its rays. You belong to the most excellent and exalted things on Earth and in this world. But we always wait for you because we love you and walk together with you in all your routes. Please never forget about that, and sometimes visit so that you can turn our lives again! Thank you! Thank you for the stars, for the wind, and for the eternity in your eyes that has become near and dear to us. Fly higher, shine on all, and live your life like how your soul wants to live.



With her father, Nail Gumerov, near the White House

December. 5th – 2016.


Indigo children save and protect our world.


They call us into a miracle.