On December 6th 2017, all of the east coast in the USA experienced a 5.1 earthquake

On September 8th, and on November 2nd in Mexico, on the border of the USA, destructive earthquakes occurred 8, 2 and 6,0



The California’s Apocalypse

From 8th October fires rage in California

Пожары в Калифорнии: погибли десятки элитных лошадей

Horses can run. But horses cannot put down the fire.

A club of elite race horses perished in San Diego. There were 450 horses.

12 /08 / 2017

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A lot of people won’t leave their homes.

All of their hopes, dreams, plans for future are on fire.


Лесные пожары в Калифорнии

Los Angeles and San Francisco is on fire.

More than 4,000 homes have perished in the fire. 300 000 people were left without electricity.


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The ground beneath people’s feet is literally on FIRE!



The downtown of Los Angeles. San Francisco. San Diego. San Paulo. Santa Rosa under fire

Many of the elite suburbs of Los Angeles had been destroyed by fire.


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More than 100 000 acres of forest grounds had burnt.

The Napa Valley grapes and Avocado trees areas are gone

The vineyards of a millionaires including Rupert Murdoch burned down


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The center of fire is Ventura County.

The fire arose because of strong winds and dry undergrowth.


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as a grim reminder to politicians, the scenery of hell spread in the US.


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There is a matching atmosphere of horror and despair.

The number of victims of such a disaster can reach thousands


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The blood of all innocents, spilled by Trump in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine and

  In their own country, rouse.


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This sacrifice came to life from the ashes,

and rose again.


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The one who kindles wars receives ashes.


пара у разрушенного дома

Bell Air near Los Angeles has been swallowed by flames.


развалины дома на юге Калифорнии

The money does not protect from what happening like this…



Our poor children! Poor kids! This is what they got in return for Christmas!


In September, in Florida, Irma has destroyed the property of billionaires, including Trump's. Now their wealth is being destroyed in California and in San Francisco. God warns US politicians: even more terrible events are coming.








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