Have you ever seen the rainbow – in the winter?

The winter thunderstorm. The Theater of Heaven. The magnolias blossom and more…



25. 02. 2017. Hunt Valley. MD.

Photo by Anne Kramer. WBAL-Radio site.



25. 02. 2017 Columbia. MD.

Photo by Lidia Gumerov.

These white circles are on the background of the clouds – rain drops on the windshield of the car.



25.02, 2017 Columbia. MD.

Photo by Lidia Gumerov.



25. 02. 2017. Elkridge, MD. Photo by Larisa Gumerov.

Since 2’23 PM. we counted 12 powerful thunders with lightning.



True May Thunderstorm: the sun – through the rain and clouds.

The rapid change of light and the composition results in a SKY THEATRE!



All afternoon the sun was shining. Photo by the author
Temperature of +75 F (over20˚C



This miracle we saw exactly on this day! Photo by the author.



25. 02. 2017 Baltimore area, MD.

Photo by Tom Tasselmyer.

In some areas of the state, the thunderstorm was accompanied by heavy hail.
our area, (Columbia, Elkridge) hail was not present.



Photo WBAL-Radio site.



Beautiful and peaceful sunset. Photo by the author.


Maybe we should be ourselves for the weather to be itself?


RAY: The average temperature in February in Maryland this year was about +65 F (+18 C). Magnolia blossomed outside our window for a month ahead of schedule, and Iver Day altogether surprised everyone with warmth and wonders. Rainbow, birds singing and the breeze of May! However, last year there was a winter storm! Compared with what was observed in the area of the capital in the last year: Is it not a miracle ?.



Winter 2016 Baltimore. End of January


Image result for February 2016 snow MD

Into the end of Obama's reign America was really freezing and floating down in the ice.


Image result for february 25th 2017 rain and rainbow Washington DC

Washington, D.C., is still misty, but clearly warmer ...

The capital of the United States and the State of Maryland surprised us by the sharp change of climate!


P. S. During the very first hours in White House, the president of the United States revoked the privileges of the LGBT community and H.R. 4919, a House bill on micro-chipping passed on 12/08/2016. He is conducting a policy defending Middle Eastern Christians, stopping wars, and collaborating with Russia.






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