The US Air Force, without any warning, struck a missile attack on Syrian government troops

The new crime of US politicians against humanity


Ракетный удар США по сирийской авиабазе


US President Donald Trump called the US Air Force missile strike «a response to a chemical attack» allegedly committed on 04/04/2017 by government forces of Assad in the province of Idlib. Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid al-Muallem, categorically rejects this information and states that «the Syrian authorities have never used chemical weapons and are not going to do it Russia immediately reacted and suspended cooperation with the United States under the Memorandum «On the Prevention of Incidents in the Airspace of Syria», which operated since October 2015.


07. 04., on the night of Friday, at 4:40 am, the US Air Force released 59 cruise missiles Tomahawk from the Mediterranean. The target is Shairat air base, in the Homs area, from where, according to the US, attacks using chemical weapons could be organized. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, only 23 missiles have reached the target. The place of the fall of the remaining 36 is still unknown, although the Pentagon stated that «58 out of 59 missiles have reached their goal As a result of missile strikes, 10 servicemen were killed and there were civilian casualties in the air base, including four children. It destroyed 20 aircrafts of the Syrian Air Force, a radar station, an educational building, a military warehouse, and a canteen. The runway was not damaged.


Governor of Homs said that in the city and the surrounding area, 7 people were killed: 5 military personnelles and 2 civilians from a village located near the air base. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two Syrian soldiers were missing, four were killed, and six were burned in extinguishing fires. The Syrian armed forces said that ten Syrian military personnel were killed. In addition, on this day there were clashes with terrorists who were wounded. Militants IG and "Jabhat fn-Nusry", immediately after the missile attack, attacked positions of Syrian government troops on the highway Homs-Fourklyus-Palmyra, which once again confirms their ownership and full coherence with the actions of the Pentagon.


Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddat supported the protest and actions of Russia and said: "President of the USA Trump personifies the true face of US policy for several decades, namely: the policy of double standards. «US statesmen always say one thing and then do the opposite, using provocations and far-fetched prepositions to change their course


Последствия ракетного удара США по авиабазе Шайрат в Сирии


Последствия ракетного удара США по авиабазе в Сирии


«We will seek peace and fight for peace wherever possible

Speech by Donald Trump to Congress on February 28, 2017.

The speech, which one month after it utterance, is completely refuted.


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Colin Powell shakes his test tube at the UN before invading Iraq.

Доктора вызывали?

14 years later
The current administration does not consider it necessary to prove or explain anything at all
«We would like to help Iraqi… I mean Libyan…. no-no – Syrian people!»
Presidents change, but US policy remains the same – 
arrogantly deceitful and inhumane





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