100th Anniversary of the Royal Martyrs’ Deed100

Exaltation Of The Holy Cross

A trip to Jordanville, NY, October 01- 02. 2018


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«My heart’s in the Highlands»

We have been visiting the monastery since 1998. The way goes through Appalachian Mountains.

If driving at the maximum allowed speed and accompanied by a nice weather, it may takes 7 or 8 hours

to get there. But the weather could change anytime. Severe snow storms, freezing rains, high winds,

fogs and gales, accidents and wild animals may arise on your way easily.



The Holy Trinity Cathedral

Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia


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Here we go! The Memorial place at Jordanville Monastery.

The peculiarities of the trip were still green mountain tops (and this in early October!)

and strong fragrance of roses.



We’ve brought two like this rose’s bushes.

Beckoning with bright, cheery lavender blooms and a crisp citrus fragrance, «Angel Face» is a type of Floribunda Rose.

At the entrance to the New Cemetery Chapel there are two memorial plaques displayed: first, in the Honor

the White Russian Army (oppositive to Lenin & Stalin’s Red Army) and, second, in the Memory of the Royal Family.



And this bouquet is in loving memory of Jose and his beloved mother Marie Cortes-Fernandez.



We are grateful to monk Vladimir for placing the flower arrangement.



With a prayer we do warship the Cross of our Martyr Jose Cortes.

As always we convey all gratitude and love from Brothers and Sisters.

And we ask for forgiveness...



We light candles to signify our prayers for Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and Armyansk.

Candles for the health of all living, all of our children and all of those who truly loves Jose.

May our children grow in the of Holy Spirit

to become saint men and saint women



... and of course for those who left us.

Please note the White Crosses in the distance, they follow all the way to a horizon!

Here at the New Cemetery and the Old across the road, the entire White Army and the White Church found the eternal peace.



We always bless our spiritual treasures at the Martyr Cross.



The priceless gift to the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Martyrs’ Deed –

Saint Helena, the Queen of Constantinople, Equal to Apostles icon.



Oh, Holy Cross, adorn and shine,

 by Thee exalt us to the Light !




the faithful guardian of the Iveron Miracle. His Biography in Russian

The ray of light transforms his stare bringing it to life (his portrait at our home in Maryland).



Exaltation of the Lord’s Jesus Holy Cross.

photo  28. 09. 2018. MD.


We paid our respects to The White Crosses still faithful to the Tsar and Motherland. We blessed our icons and have visited the last resting places of our beloved friends and teachers. And we have wished a warm, beautiful Easter to Jose coming October 31st. It has been 21 years since his Holy sacrifice. We also have visited Levushka whom we found in good health, thanks to God!. Of course there is a never time without a small miracle taking place: our lighted candles have bravely and stayed lit under the rainy sky! Our prayers have been fluted and sang by starlings and cranes and the grace on this quiet evening was simply amazing! So we hope that you dear readers, will feel it too…


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Hello, Life at last!

Dear Friends,

Come and visit Jose’s memorial on the days of his ultimate Glory and Sacrifice during October 30 and 31st.


Coincidentally, those are the days of memory of TSAR Alexander the 3rd, The Peacemaker.

124 years since him departure


And the Great mother Elizabeth Romanova

Jose’s Spiritual Mother

154 years of Birth.




Come pay the tribute to the Glory of those whose sacrifices we hold


and whose deeds made Russia prosper and protect our world !


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A glorifying Holy Cross march in Jordanville’s Monastery




LUCH 2018