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09. 12. 2018 г.


The uninvited presence of the USA missile-guided destroyer

В Черное море вошел американский эсминец USS Carney DDG-64

Arleigh Burke class destroyer equipped with most sophisticated sonar and weaponry systems such as the Aegis Combat System, carries up to 56 Tomahawk and Harpoon missiles, has two flight decks. It has the ability to carry the assault helicopter SH-60 Seahawk. Displacement is 6630 tons. The length is 153.92 m, the Bam is 20.1 m, the Draft is 9.3 m. Max. speed 32 knots. The Range is 4400 miles on 20 knots. The Crew of 276 people, including 23 officers.


On August 12th until August 28th, USS «Carney» (DDG 64) of the 6 fleet USA has steamed into the Black Sea dangerously close to Russia’s borders. That was happened despite the fact that all of the «maritime security operations» were completed by July 21st. USS Carney is a guided missile destroyer that weighs 9,600 tons. It carries on board up to 56 Tomahawk and Harpoon type missiles – the same type of weaponry used by the USA to attack Syria’s military and living facilities from the sea.


Despite this uninvited presence of the destroyer no official statements has been made to the public. Yet, the Russian president and the Black Sea fleet commanders have no comment on this obvious provocation. However, the upper house of Russian Parliament with it’s member of the Defense Committee F. Klintsevich were quoted as saying that the missile-guided destroyer «Carney» presence near our borders is «vain attempts at provocation which will not succeed», and that «the reaction will certainly follow». Here: Sputnik news. 08.13.2018 But not any protective actions followed against this extraordinary and extremely dangerous for Russia situation. Nothing more has been said or done.

The «Crimean Titan» Tragedy

Unusual chemicals were suddenly found in the air, soil and water

Image result for катастрофа в Армянске

How the Armyansk terrain looks like after August, 24.


The significant release of unknown toxic pollution has been reported in Armyansk on August 24th. The «Titan» Factory was wrapped in firm white thick cocoon created with gases and dust; it literally disappeared – you wouldn’t find it using binoculars. This factory makes titanium dioxide, a powder that is a precursor for paint, toothpaste and other products. The concentration of sulfurous anhydride in the city of Armyansks air exceeded the permissible 5 times over. But there was more unusual, such as very high level of hydrogen chloride, present in the air as well (9-11 over normal level). And this is not all. According to Ukraine politician URI Grimchak the chemical analyses of it is close in its characteristics to the warfare agents. To be more exact, It’s pretty likely GEPTIL or HDMG – the component of highly boiling missiles oil. This is an extremely strong oxidizing agent used in combination with nitric acid and liquid oxygen.


There is also information (images from space) that the roof of the «Titan’s» northern block has been destroyed. The factory is cordoned off by the Russian troops of the Chemical Defense. In the situation of the strictest secrecy, the repair work of the damaged unit is underway. Journalists and the public are not allowed. The furnaces of the plant are stopped. Workers are on vacation. The population, children are urgently evacuated. At the same time, the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, asserts that «there is no danger to the population», and refuses to introduce the regime of emergencies.

Lies and threats by Ukrainian politicians

Ukraine after the incident immediately closed two of its checkpoints in the area of Armyansk city due «an environmental disaster». On August 28 Grymchak issued a statement which read: «the destroyer (Carney) can sink the entire Black Sea Fleet of Russia. It is possible the entire Crimea and Black Sea being shot at through and across». At the same time Mr. Grymchak assured that Russia allegedly «conducted the exercises and released a rocket, the blast of which was recognized». Strange thing: near the Crimea is a USA destroyer, and once the rocket is out – it’s on Russia!  Although NO NAVY EXERCISES ON THE TERRITORY OF CRIMEA AT THE MOMENT OF THE ACCIDENT HAVE BEEN CONDUCTED. The argument presented is quite in the spirit of Hilary Clinton, Ukrainian politicians and security officials- «we will tear you to shreds but of course Russia is to blame


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The Factory is shut down and corded off. All the roads leading to «Titan» are controlled by FSB troops.


Today there are no possibilities to live in Perekop and Armyansk, small towns in «Titan’s» area. All of the fields around it have burned out. The grass and  the trees are gone and many dead birds have been observed on the ground. The drinking water is poisoned. The strong acid smell is always present in the air. People are suffering from being unable to breathe, from cough, severe headache, stomachache, vomiting, severe eye and skin irritations – and much more. People jut leaving their homes behind in a rush. There are no availabilities at the hospitals enough for patients and even some of victims (which already happened) have observed. But all the right medical information is hidden by Russian government.


Based on these facts and considering the continuing hysteria in the West about the return of the Crimea to ​​Russia, and since May of this year there are also open calls «to bomb the Crimean Bridge» the human rights activists see an act of sabotage at the «Titan»: an explosion or a missile attack from the sea side. The goal is the deterioration of the ecological situation and the strengthening of anti-Russian sentiments in the world. The object was chosen, of course, not at random: how convenient is the military attack to disguise itself as «dried up sulphuric acid filled ponds», the shortage of fresh water», or «violation of safety procedures».

The déjà vu of «Kursk»

All of the above is certainly known to the government of the Russian Federation, its supreme military command and Sergei Aksenov. But for the public all the information is shrouded with secrecy as usual. Nothing has been written professionally on the topic of Armyansk and its tragedy in the Russian media as of yet.


It is absolutely clear that The President and the higher military ranks of the Russian Federation are consciously covering the bandit acts of the international aggressor, NATO, as they did back in 2000, after the attack of the American submarine «Memphis» on «Kursk» with the torpedo MK-48. Do you remember how The President responded? He chose to chop off the «Kursk» front part, blasted a hole, and destroyed all witnesses and the evidence of this attack. And got his 30 silver coins. The CIA paid him $10 billion dollars. Therefore, knowing the habits of our «commander-in-chief», we appeal to all the media, to all independent journalists and people of goodwill all over the world. A strong request: to conduct journalistic investigations of this situation and to demand severe punishment for all those guilty, including those of high command. It's time for Russia to categorically forbid NATO to enter our borders with such impudence. Until it's not too late!


Image result for катастрофа в армянске

The disaster happened exactly before the new school’s year.

All schools and kinder gardens are closed


Our Committee will address The United Nations Organization and other international human rights and anti-fascist organizations. Because to ignore these crimes means subjecting Russia to new attacks- attacks made specifically by NATO. We will try to make this matter public and well observed. We can affirm that, the catastrophe in Armyansk was deliberately caused by the USA and the highest political and military command of Russia, which has long betrayed Russia’s national interests and allows US military defense do ANYTHING they desire in our historical motherland. This has been the main reason for all of the technological catastrophes, terrorist acts and eco disasters happening in Russia for the past 19 years.


Tom Rogans, The Washington Examiner journalist, appeal to bomb the Crimean Bridge. May 2018.


Related image Соломаха Юрий Владимирович Image result for Franz Klintsevich

These persons are saying about war threat and perhaps a military action at «Titan».


Yurii Grymchak, Ukranian politician, a deputy minister

of Ukraine Administration


Yurii Solomaha, the chief of Business union in Armyansk,

a military servant and the main engineer of «Titan» in his past.


Frants Klintsevich, Russian politician, the member of

the Defense Committee of Russian Parliament


We demand the international investigation of what happened!

We call for governments of all nations:


The presence of the USA missile-guided destroyers in Black Sea

is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous for Russia and for whole world.

It should be stopped immediately!


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