Spring brake – in fear and horror

Native Americans soaked their arrows with the poison produced by these monsters.



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This monsters multiplied during warm winter in Florida in dangerous amount


01. 04. 2019. Meteovesty.ru There is an invasion of poisonous toads in Florida. Tadpoles buffo or cane toads attack yards,patios and pools by thousands: they climb under the doors and fill the entire courts of the buildings. This is a real disaster, since the skin of this toad is poisonous so as it’s roe and tadpoles and are very toxic to humans. Children are afraid to leave their homes, they have no place to play outside causing them to spent all spring holidays in fear and horror, hiding in their rooms and in the attics of houses.


Natural habitat of cane toads extends from Rio Grande in Texas to Central Amazonia and the northeast of Peru. In the 20th century, to combat insect pests (locusts, ants, snails - it’s favorite food), cane toads were specially brought to certain regions of the planet, in particular, to Florida. The idea was unsuccessful. Soon the toads themselves became a serious problem for the residents of the state. The individual has fewer natural enemies because of its size (this is the second of the largest toads on the planet; its length reaches 20-24 cm, its mass is more than a kilogram), and most importantly because of its poison.


The skin and internal organs of the toad are soaked with bufotoxin, (here is the name «Bufo toad») a poison of convulsive action. And although, according to the local environmental organization Florida Environmental Pest Management, the poison is not lethal to humans, and the amphibians themselves it is better to avoid and not to touch frogs and their eggs. The water in the pools, where bufo frogs stay may also contain traces of toxin, which leads to allergies. The most serious threat of poisoning is to dogs and cats. If an animals is subjected to the poisoning by such toad they first experience the break down of heart and nervous down . Poisoning is accompanied by the following symptoms: arrhythmia, vomiting, excessive salivation, convulsion, irritability, etc. In some cases the contact with a toad may result in paralysis and death from cardiac shock.



This year, the weather in Florida contributed to the rapid reproduction of amphibians: the winter was warm and it rained frequently in February-March. As a result, a huge number of tadpoles hatched in the local waters of Palm Beach Gardens. Slightly "matured", they went on a long journey, flooding the city and its environs. Experts warn that in the near future a second wave of cane toads invasion will come to Palm Beach Gardens: favorable weather conditions allowed the toads to lay eggs twice in a row.


These monsters have already had a devastating effect on the fauna of Australia. They were brought in the 1930s of the last century to fight beetles eating sugar cane. But were brought to cause more trouble. They ruin apiaries, destroying honey bees. Their victims are native amphibian species, lizards, and rare populations of endemics, including the disappearing small marsupials. Local inhabitants were powerless to the poison of Buffo toad.


Effective methods of dealing with amphibians have not yet been developed, although there are various proposals. In the meantime, the Australians do as follows-on May 25, an event called «Toad Out Day» is held – the day of their extermination. The most humane is to collect its roe in reservoirs. Further, the suffocation by carbon dioxide in plastic bags. Locals catch the toads, carry them to special destruction sites, where experts exterminate it and dispose of poisonous remains by burning. Otherwise, the animals feeding on remains could also be poisoned. So the situation is getting very serious in Florida now. Given the second wave of breeding bufo toad, an unprecedented disaster is heating up. https://www.meteovesti.ru/news/63662952017-avstralijcam-den-izgnaniya-zhaby


Killer tadpoles are attacking homes in Palm-Beach-Gardens.

03. 26. 2019 г.


More than 100 million Native Americans were destroyed in the USA

in an entire history.


No one president of the USA brought confession for it.


All pools torn to poisonous danger right near houses



Venomous arrows are back,


and stinging our children.



Any act of evil is a boomerang,

and they always come back !





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