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«I was silent, I didn't speak even of kindness; and my sorrow has moved beyond Earth...» (Psalm.38,3)


Without flinching under tortures,

He exposed World’s conspiracy Against Orthodoxy.


On April 17, 2020, His Holiness, Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem (Irenaios Skopelitis) turned 81 years old. He is the only Patriarch-Confessor in the world, who stands unshaken in the faith of Fathers. Since 2001 he has been praying for this world at the Residence of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem in the Holy City Of Jerusalem. His name «Irenaeus» translates from Greek as «Peaceful». And indeed that is the appearance of His Holiness. And so is his soul. His entire mission is to extend to people the Blessings and the Peace of Christ. It was through his prayers on Holy Saturday, that the Holy Fire descended onto the Church of the Resurrection, as it did upon many other churches in Holy Land. The angelic purity of Patriarch’s soul, the power of his prayers, as well as the Miracle of the Holy Fire’s Descend, had irritated the leaders of the world’s jewish government. «and so, satan entered Judas’s soul…»


On May 6, 2005, as a result of slander and the unprecedented persecution, the Holy Father of all Christians was demoted and moved out from all his administrative positions in the Church/ But for us he remains the Holiest Teacher and became the Greatest example of strength and devotion to Christ. As we now see, His Holiness has the unique ability to show courage to and to stand up in the name of God Truth. And this is why, in our eyes, the 140th Patriarch of Jerusalem, has even greater spiritual and Holy power. His power only accelerates and grows stronger by the severity of his sufferings and Righteousness.


Patriarch-Confessor and Martyr, His Holiness Irenaios I, truly embodies Christ the Redeemer in the darkness of our antiChrist world. Betrayed and sold out by all, he never broke down. His spirituality never waivered, and he never flinched under the tortures in his struggles for God’s Truth and for the Salvation of men. And this is why Patriarch Irenaios I, the 140th Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, is still the only Head of the Church. Our Lord Jesus Himself chose him to lead the Mother of all Churches, The Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem and to remain as the Head of it. Therefore, we protest the term «former» near the holy name of Patriarch Irenaios I. This term cannot be applied next to a name of the saint, chosen by God for Spiritual Power. This is yet another case of blatant desecration and blasphemy, since there are no «former» Saints or «former» Confessors.


For the past 14 years His Holiness Irenaios I survived in Jewish captivity. He was behind bars, in lockdown; placed under inhumane conditions. He was ridiculed and spat on by so called/ «brothers» in the midst of hot and humid Middle Eastern Climate, inside of an old scuffy building without any ventilation – he was literally in hell. Indeed, none of you should suffer as a murderer or a thief or wrongdoer, or even as a meddler. «But if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but glorify God that you bear that name..» (1 Peter 4:15). Such a deed could only be endured with God’s mercy and with His help. And to live and pray among creeping snakes and scorpions, and not be poisoned by their poison, can only be prepared, sanctified and protected by God himself, be a Messenger of the Light. And Jesus answered him: «Truly, truly, I say unto you, whoever is not born from above will not see the Kingdom of God»  (John 6:47)..


So here we have the Chosen One before us indeed. He was lawfully enthroned and fully worthy of God’s Power. He is the greatest Devotee and Confessor of truth amongst these days spun by Antichrist. It is the name of the Most Blessed Patriarch of Jerusalem, Irenaios I, that was revered and vigilantly remembered among the monasteries of Russian Orthodox Church/ Abroad. We vigorously pray for His Health and Salvation and will continue to do so. It is in the abbot’s guestroom, upon Russian Mount Olivet, you will find a portrait of the Patriarch Irenaios: his angel-like features carefully and timelessly implemented. «Let the brother who is humble in his height boast, and the rich in his humiliation, because he will pass away like a flower on a grass». (James 1:9 11). And The Patriarch himself loved Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, prayed for all of us and blessed. While in Jerusalem, abbes Fotinia Kotlyarova remained by his side, helping the persecuted Patriarch with his daily needs.


In this case, the organized persecution, slander and prohibition of His Holiness Services, is nothing less than the shameful mob actions of the corrupt heretics Theophilus and Barthalomew under the leadership of intelligent agencies and masonic people. Theophilus was paid 3 million dollars in cash. It is obvious that the second one got even more for his betrayal. Thief-folome tried to overthrow his predecessor, The Ever Blessed Patriarch Diodorus I, for his acute anti-ecumenical and anti-renovation position. When the plan failed to succeed, the wolf in sheep's

clothing detailed a more organized plan. He got Washington’s approval as well as the other «fraternal brotherhood» types of churches abroad and locally. At the wolves gathering (similar to the one held in New York in 2001) in Istanbul in 2005, with the very active participation of Metropolitan Kiril Gundeyaev, the group of heretics passed their wolfish decree of demoting the Orthodox Patriarch. But this result has never been accepted nor recognized among believers and clergy. «Keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behaviour n Christ may be ashamed of their slender». (1 Peter 3:16).


In August of 2019 Patriarch the Confessor returned to his homeland and was undergoing treatment at the Center of Gerontology (under the Archdiocese of Athens) due to a stroke. He Congratulated his followers on Easter by performing the Troparion of Christ’s Resurrection. On April 19, 2020 the video was published on YouTube channel called «The Warrior of Mother Russia». Recently The Patriarch turned 81 years old, and on his Angel’s Day, let us wish to our Dear Holy Father Love, Peace and gladness in our Lord Jesus Christ, many, many blessed nd bright years. God is showing his presence to us through your angelic features and your Divine rank! May God’s Grace never leave us in Patriarch Irenaios I  mercy, strength and  glory victories!



Mercy of the world. Glory of Heaven. Honor of the Church.



We are sending our hearts, love and congratulations with Angel’s Day

to His Holiness Patriarch Irenaios I,

from his devoted brothers and sisters of the

Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Russia.


Larisa Gumerov, MD.

Russian writer,

«RAY» Ethical and Rights watch Committee

Chief editor.


Washington, D.C.



LUCH 2020