Good Friday. Suzdal.

The Holy Shrine
At the Iveron Montreal Mother of God Chapel.
City of Suzdal, Russia.

The compassion of Christ’s suffers.
The Great Saturday. 18/04/2020


His Eminence Feodor, the Head of Russian Orthodox Autonomic Church,

Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir

. 19/04/2020

Sticherons of Easter.
The church of Tsar Konstantin in exile.


Easter Services at Tsar Konstantin Church.

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His Eminence IRIARCH, Bishop of Tula and Bryansk

held Easter Services at the Church of Holy Royal Martyrs and the Holy Martyr Tatiana.



Светлое Христово Воскресение (Пасха), Пасха - Праздники - Рублев ...


Beloved in Christ Jesus our Lord,

the mostly Honorable Fathers and Brothers, honest monks and zealous prayers of the

Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church!


The days of the Holy Fourforth are behind, the days of the Holy Great Passion Week are completed, the day of remembrance of the blessed Last Supper of the Lord - Great Thursday, when the Lord has established the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which the Church performs and will perform until the end of time, is over. We held the touching Divine Services of the Passion of Christ, marked by the Matins of the Great Heel, with the reading of the 12 Holy Gospels, when we stood with lit candles which is how Orthodox people light fire in their homes.

We stood at the Holy Shroud of our Lord and listened to the reading of the canon for “Cry of the Most Holy Theotokos”. "In the darkness of the night, at the dawn of a bright day," the rite of the burial of the Holy Shroud was performed when the souls of believers are filled with sorrow and triumph, for "let all flesh of man be silent." A mysterious soul encompasses on the eve of the greatest holiday. As the Easter ends, the Lamb of God was slain, taking human sins and untruths upon Himself, for “the Lord was crucified for us, went down to the grave and resurrected on the third day, resurrecting and living us together” (St. Theodore Studit).

We follow this Night , which the Holy Church names the Lightbringer Night and the Holy Night, towards the Risen Christ. The candle in our hand not only sanctifies the Way of the Cross, but it is also a visible sign of the testimony of our faith and our joy - CHRIST IS RISEN! And our response - “Truly Risen ", will unite Heaven with earthly things. And earthly things with Heavenly: for “Hurrying angels and glorifying people!” The resurrection of our Lord!

The Easter of the triumphant Victory of Christ the Risen is granted to Us. The resurrected Christ conquered death and hell, cast down and crushed the “eternal faiths”, deposed the power of the devil, and armed believers in Him with a bold force that was accomplished in human weakness. We are meeting this Easter in somewhat unpreparedness, our hearts are restless. While we celebrated Christmas and entered the New Year, no one suspected or imagined what we would encounter and what problems we would have to face this year in our already short earthly life. But be that as it may, “now the righteous is happy, and who has not cleansed his conscience has the hope of correcting himself by repentance. The present day will take away the sorrow, and there is no man who would not find comfort in the triumph of the holiday ”(St. Gregory of Nyssa).

Jesus, the Son of God, conquered death, and the triumph of death is followed by the Triumph of life. “If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, then God will bring those dead in Jesus with him” (1 Thess. 4, 14). This is our comfort and hope for the coming day, for the Lord suffered for our sins and the Resurrection in order to justify us. Therefore, “the soul rejoices in the coming of Easter, because it brings it peace and relief from many works” (St. Theodore Studit). In our difficult time of experiences and trials, in the days of our suffering and painful weakness, may the patristic wisdom of the words of St. Ambrose the Bishop comfort us. Mediolan: «In Christ, we have everything ... if your wounds need healing, He is a doctor. If you burn in the heat - He is the wind. If you need support – He is power. If you fear death, He is life. If you run in the darkness – He is the light. If you are hungry - He is food: - Taste and see how good the Lord is! Blessed is the man who trusts in Him ”(Ps. 33 v. 9) (On virginity 16.19).


Beloved of Christ the Risen, and Himself the whole Risen! I greet you, the flock of our Russian Church, - CHRIST IS RISEN! I prayerfully wish you all the offerings of Bright Easter joy, to painful-healings, to the despondent – Christ's blessed comfort, help and blessings of God in your labors. May the Risen Christ bless us all with joy to preach His Peace-saving and Life-affirming.


Sharing Easter joy with you, your ever-present Prayer:

Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir.
Easter of Christ. 2020 year.
City of Suzdal.





Dear beloved in Lord, Brothers and Sisters of Orthodox Russia
and believers in the world

On these Holy Days of Easter 2020, the doors of the True Church of Christ are open for you
in the City of Suzdal and in all other cities where there are parishes of the ROAC
Never underestimate the power of Payers! It saves Lives and World!
Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church.




LUCH 2020