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Dear Sir or Ma’am, we urge you for an immediate investigation into Mr. Sergei Furgal’s case.


He is 50 years old and the governor of the city of Habarovsk, Russiaa from 2017 to 2020. On July 9th 2020, he was unexpectedly arrested by a group of armed soldiers and moved to Moscow. He was isolated in a cell away from lawyers, relatives, public officials, from any information. He had no money, no clothing and had nothing to eat for two weeks. His bank account was shut down and all of his possessions were seized.


After he denied the absurd accusations against him in a few closed court hearings, investigator Yurii Burtovoi started to threaten and press on him by saying that he would arrest Furgal’s wife and daughter. Two witnesses in his case, in the same jail, Mr. Nicholas Mistryukov and Mr. Andrew Karepov, were brutally beaten because they refused to testify against Mr. Furgal. On August 12, 2020 Mr Karepov got in Emergency of Sklifosovsky Institute after that happened to him/ We even don’t know nothing if he alive or not.


On September 11th, Sergei Furgal was brutally beaten (see the photos attached). And then ye disappeared from lawyers, the mass media, legal observers and relatives for 7 days. For now we don’t know exactly what is going on with him. On September 21st, his sister Galina was refused a visit with him again. May be he needs urgent medical care as well as the help of Interpol and international human rights organizations. Definitely he needs the independent from Kremlin lawyer.


It is so clear that Sergei Furgal’s arrest was ordered by the Kremlin since Sergei is an honest and fair man. He has done a lot for the people of his town and his region, and he never stole public money or broke any laws. Millions of people in Russia and in the Habarovsk’s region support him and every day since July 9th people have been protesting in the streets. But no one in the Kremlin is listening, and no one is trying to save this innocent man. there is a criminal conspiracy involved with Furgal’s case.


So, please, act and help save Sergei Furgal’s life. Protect his human rights, his life and promote freedom and the truth for all people.

Thank you for your time, concern and action.


Here is the address to the Lefortovo Detention Facility N 2 in Moscow, where Sergei Furgal is currently held:


Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences

Pre-trial detention center N 2 Lefortovo

Ulitsa Lefortovskiy Val, 5,

Moscow, Russia, 111250

+7 916 197-82-96

Director of the Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences of Russian Federations

Kalashnikov Aleksandr Petrovitch

+7 495 983 8558

+7 495 983 9271

+7 495 983 9272

Reception’s room email address:

Lefortovo prison’s chief, the colonel of the Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences,

Romashin Aleksey Alekseevitch:


Larisa Gumerov, M.D.

American citizen,

Chief Editor of the «RAY» Committee,

Columbia, MD, USA.



Looks like not him. Photo from monitor on September 14, 2020.



Looks like his fingers are broken

This photos are the screenshots from this video:

YouTube channel named «Hakasia debates»


09/16/2020 г.


Файл:Sergey Furgal (2018-12-27).jpg — Википедия

This is him.

Sergei Furgal, M.D.

The Governor of Habarovsk. Russia.




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