America, come back and fight for your Christian future!

                              Call for REAL INDEPENDENCE. Independence Day-2010.


This year, for the first time in the last 8 years, U. S. holiday in the capital has been accompanied with well and sunny weather, but not already firmly linked to this date, downpour rain, fog and Hurricanes. Americans are sad joking on the matter, to name Independence Day like: Red, wet, and blue. Instead: Red, White, Blue the tricolors of the national flag.


The parade on the main state holiday, birthday of America, the traditional route on Constitution Avenue, this year, finely took place. It inspires and gives us some hope for change in foreign and domestic policy of this country for the better.


We just wanted to remind our readers here, that to love the motherland, a country where you were born and raised, means not only to participate in the entertainments, festive events or enjoy the colorful fireworks. But and to speak out the truth. Always fight with falsehood and have their own, strong civil attitudes.


The most important, the cornerstone of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, determine the political system, social conditions and life of every person in the U.S. today are completely ABSENT.


Our citizenship is that celebrating America at this moment in history for essentially nothing. Yes, the Declaration of Independence is exist. It is a fact. But where is the independence? And where is the freedom?


America has become the slave to evil and its people are ill with brutal spiritual slavery.


Proof of this is the absolute loss of independence of its top officials: the president, lawmakers and ministers, each of which only works behind the scenes caste, and its foreign policy, the most aggressive, savage and bloody all over the world. Yes, perhaps, it is more aggressive now, than in the whole of human history.


Suffice it to recall the number of victims of the Yugoslav carnage of 1999 and Kosovo, on September 11 of 2001, the number of victims of war in the Holy Land, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq War, Afghanistan, South Osetia (2008), Sichuan Province in China ( 2007), Akvilla (2009), Haiti (2010).


And when you consider that the Chernobyl accident, as it turns out, happened as a result of terrorist attack and the use of U.S. tectonic weapons ... And the death of our Kursk and the tragedy of the Sayan-Shushenskaya power station (August 17, 2009), and many other disasters in Russia.


The U.S. simply flooded over our planet with innocent blood. They are destroyed, dispossessed and umuchili dozens, hundreds, or perhaps already much more than a millions people.


In the U.S. there is absolute financial anarchy and the complete insanity of money for the political elite, the bankers and the wealthy. This madness and savagery are advertising as an ideal, as an example to follow. In economics, only what brings the maximum income for lobbyists-capitalists is developing.


Constantly fueled the arms race, tested new types of weapons, the U.S. is fully subordinated to the cosmos, are wars of conquest, put in the governments of their accomplices.


The people of America enslaved by ignorance of educations, drugs, loss of culture but mass culture, surveillance by intelligence services, mafia structures, heavy need for all to pay thousands and thousands of dollars, which sometimes take quite nowhere. Therefore, crime rates, suicides and deaths from drugs is standard going wild.


As such can be considered freedom or independence? What kind of freedom may be where the people are nothing, but money is all?


The first pilgrims landed in Plymouth in 1621. They were deeply religious people, and began development of America with prayers to God and the dispensation of temples. And while on the conscience and belief in God was a political world of this country, America has achieved outstanding results. It appeared, and the Declaration of Independence.


However, since mid last century, things began to unravel, and a Christian country was actually seized by the Masons, and all kinds of atheist. This situation exists at present. CIA the main breeding ground of evil on the planet, a deadly cancer on the conscience of America and Americans.


Christ is banished from the United States from everywhere, and His commandments are forgotten. Russian Church Abroad in the U.S. destroyed, its ruler poisoned and killed, its supporters persecuted and lynched. So talking about freedom and independence, and more over: something to celebrate ... What, however, did not exist, you must agree, at least it looks very, very strange.


You are probably surprised to see the epigraph above this material: what have the St. Petersburg-town, when it comes to the Declaration of Independence of the United States?


In fact, it is not accidental. Peter's first born son, and a great king gave on the subject of guns firing naval squadron, fireworks, carnivals and fireworks.


The the USA Today the freedom and the independence DIED. And these celebrations they are not only incorrect, they are blasphemous. And it says very clearly on the total inadequacy of politicians and the full, deep spiritual catastrophe of this once great country.



No one can be a slave of two masters!



What America really needs today, such a leaders like Thomas Jefferson; decent, honest, educated, and  moderately romantic. President philosopher; freely and independently-minded politician, but not a corrupted buffoon and joker, just the passive instrument of some body anothers evil will.


We are praying and remaining in constant prayer of penance to the Lord Jesus Christ, Who will have mercy on people of America. May God grant that country a PENANCE for all the atrocities that was created by her to God, to the Church of Christ, to Russia and to the people around the whole world. May God grant that country spiritual cleansing and real, honest, genuine, and not corrupt and dishonest, its leaders and politicians.


Just pray together with us, dear associates, brothers and sisters throughout the world, on this historical day of America! 






     LUCH 2010