Nobody has right to revolt against the ideals for which humanity paid with Gods blood.

Friedrich Durrenmatt.


Bye-bye, Mr. Buffon!

Obama confused democracy values with medieval wildness.




14/ 08/ 2010. Gentlemen, calm down. Ramadan in the White House and the mosque on site the Ground Zero no better than the prize of peace-2009 for fascism in Europe, the oath on the Koran, or the inauguration with the blue priests.


Hussein Obama is on his way referred to the U.S. racists, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. And this is clear to all now. So, rejoice: a fool is himself main enemy. Obama as a politician is over. Such suggestions, like to build a mosque on Ground Zero, are a social dangerous raving of a sick man, or a total idiocy, or an open and violent Islamic fundamentalism.


Sorry, but in America, such things in politic do not work. Obama signed his own death sentence. And thank God for this!


On behalf of the Russian community abroad we do express emphatic PROTEST to Mr. Obama,


Also to all of so-called politicians, who under the sauce of religion freedom, (there is not even here; the most vivid testimony of this: the total destruction of Russian Orthodox Churches-2007 HERE, in the USA! and the persecution of Orthodox believers), do justify a murder, sow terrorism and social instability.


Mr. Obama has shown his true face, and thereby signed his own death sentence. Because such a wildness in America, in a country where for the freedom of men and their rights (but definitely not for murderers and extremists rights!) paid too much and so dear indeed.


We dare to sincerely hope that the full political sunset savage and liar Obama is all clear.





To the dustbin of history, Mr. Rusty Buffon!







LUCH 2010