Articles of Elena Tiuriukanova on Woman Emigration from Russia



With a kind permission of Dr. Elena Tiuriukanova, Ph. D. in economic sciences, leading research scientist of the Institute of Socio-Economic Population Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), we publish on our site two her articles on legal and illegal woman emigration from Russia which appeared to be very interesting for understanding of contemporary demography of Russia. Dr. Tiuriukanova currently is the head of a research project dedicated to woman migration conducted in the Russian Academy of Sciences. The interested readers can find more information about this project through the web: Some information about the authors background and her research projects can be found on We also welcome your comments, discussions, or criticisms concerning these papers. Your feedback can be sent either to our site, or immediately to the author or





1.      Legitimizing migration space: migrant women's labor, trafficking and illegal migration (problems in conjunction).

2.  New Opportunities and New Risks in Women's Migration: View from Russia.