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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon                                                                                  March 16 – 2007

United Nations Headquarters in New York,

760 United Nations Plz, New York, NY

1 – (212) 963 – 4440


“The resolution of General Assembly of the United Nations from December, 19th, 2006 " About inadmissibility of the certain kinds of practice which promote escalation of modern forms of racism, a racial discrimination, xenophobia and the intolerance connected with them "


Under the Hitler's banner only in Latvia legionaries have destroyed over 300.000 innocent people. They have filled in with innocent blood the native ground, burnt out the whole villages and towns, withdrew in a captivity of peace inhabitants. People of Latvia hated traitors more than Nazis.


Honorable UN Secretary General,



On May 9th, 1945, after five years of global chaos from the Second World War, the world sighed in relief and pronounced its victory over Nazi Germany. These Nazis, who killed millions of innocent people, were condemned to death for multiple war crimes against humanity.


Fascism was ended 60 years ago after the condemnation of the Nazi party in Germany after the Second World War. But my question to you is this: Why now, after 60 years of victory over Fascism, is it slipping back into society’s public view? People in Europe are now starting to hold Fascist demonstrations, displaying Nazi swastikas and proclaiming the message of the Nazi party.


It is a high time, dear state secretary, on March, 16th, 2007 when you hold session in headquarters of the United Nations in New York across Iraq, - across Riga to walk about in public groups of nations and defile a monument of Freedom (!), swinging a swastika and calling Hitler and fascism something " progressive and positively significant to descendants "!


On March, 15th the Diet of Latvia with the majority of votes 60 to 18, has rejected the Declaration "About inadmissibility of revival of Nazism". So, the fascism in Latvia today occurs not only in the streets and it not simply extremism of separate swells; the fascism is created in the main legislative and supervising body of this country!


Why do you take no action, do you not execute the direct duties - to call Latvia for respect of the sacred memory of the victims of fascism, observance of norms of international law, to elementary conscience when it openly spends "actions" similar, if one may say so?


Why similar, it is not simply illegal, but defiantly impudent, immoral, cynical anti-public inherent actions - and have you not received an immediate rigid estimation from the United Nations and you personally, mister Ban Ki-moon?


The fascism – was condemned and branded by the Court of History and the world community 60 years ago.


At last, there is a resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations from December, 19th, 2006 "About inadmissibility of the certain kinds of practice which promotes the escalation of modern forms of racism, a racial discrimination, xenophobia and the intolerance connected with them."


Nobody has the right to come back in the past, forget about incalculable victims, the suffering and efforts which appeal to the conscience of each fair citizen. Only Russia has paid tens of millions of human lives and leave entire generations of children in War with fascism as homeless orphans. We consider ignoring such world tragedies and events as awful mistakes that darken the beginning of your domination in the United Nations and demanding immediate correction and exact legal actions.


Today it is necessary to forget about all. Before the face of new terrible disaster to the whole world community, real threat of revival of fascism, it is necessary to declare the Latvia political boycott and to strike it off the list of friendly, democratic, developed countries. Stop with it business and political contacts till the moment of full comprehension by its president, the government and people of all horror of deviation and treachery which it creates before the person innocently killed by fascists and them servants people.


Latvia should realize the seriousness of this horrible disaster and inadmissibility of its political steps and publicly to repent.


If it does not happen during some designated time, it should be struck for ever off the list the free countries and from the European Union, is subjected to condemnation, exile and full political isolation to what insane persons and socially dangerous members of a society are exposed.


Dear sir the Secretary general of the United Nations, we address to you with great hope and we call for immediate actions in the name of Validity, Goods and the Future, which today again in danger and which you are selected to protect and defend.






The FASCISM of the 3rd Millennium WILL NOT PASS!


On behalf of a Russian-speaking community in America and Canada,

Honorary members of Ethical Committee "RAY", authors and readers of a site



Larisa Gumerova, the president.




LUCH 2007