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Declaration of the American Ethical Committee "Ray"

Concerning Events on September 11, 2001




We at the "Luch" ("Ray") American Ethical Committee express our heartfelt sorrow for those who so tragically lost their lives in New York City, Washington D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This is really international tragedy since citizens of 67 countries were killed there.


Our deepest concern and sympathies pour out to the injured and to the survivors of those killed.


We give our unending thanks to the firefighters, police officers and medical, rescue and military personnel and other volunteers who have selflessly answered the call for help.


And we express our unfailing gratitude to the heroes, known and unknown, who have helped and will help to save and repair countless lives.


God Bless America!




Please, Our Country!


Back to the Spirit of America


Please, our Country

stop that sorrow

due to evil

hurt you so.


Please, stop crying.

That's enough!

Don't You hear

Your babies laugh?


Don't You see

the sun and stars?

Don't feel Jesus

in Your heart?


You can't be

so scared and shocked

facing evil's

nasty smoke.


By the faith

will come release.

Oh, Great Country

stay in peace!


Just be patient

and that brave.

All dark clouds

Lord melts away.


While our Lady's

up in front

we must be the Shield

of World.


Smile and meet

a new Day, please!

Stay in God -

means stay in peace,


and accept

Your own Way

building Spirit

day by day.





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