2000 Years of Christianity                                                                                          Jose Cortes 5-th Death Anniversary


Mankind’s Spiritual Clock

The traveler’s Diary

The horrible spiritual crime of Last Times: the will and testament of the brutally killed in 1997 Canadian citizen are still hidden… Together again: In the eve of Easter 2002 the Icon of Mother Mary has arrived to Greece along with newly created icon of Jose Cortes. With blessing of three Archbishops and after illumination in altars of two Saint Nicolas Cathedrals and by miracle brook water, Jose’s icon will go to Athon. The fresco of Virgin Mary of 15-n century has been crying since the Nativity Church standoff happened in Bethlehem. The President of the USA has assured us that “any person on which fault innocent people have lost their lives will not escape from Justice “. However, is it so?


The Icon – Repentance

In the beginning of the year 2001, the icon of Jose Cortes had created in Jordanville NY. As we know, Jose Cortes was an orthodox martyr and guardian of the wonder-working icon of Mother Mary. He was brutally murdered five years ago and buried in Jordanville, N.Y. The Author of his first icon, Vasily N. has found an unusual way for an embodiment of unique destiny and character of his hero. There are three parts an art composition combined in. It is polished on deep green marble and framed in a light oak


In the center, we can see a lonely figure of Jose as through surrounded with splashes of thunderstorm; a lit candle in his right hand and Iveron icon in other. Above it shows the  church of Uspeniya in Jordanville; in the left bottom corner Jose’s grave. With fine icon graphic art and individual expression Author reflects Jose’s unique character, distinctive way and quintessence of his global mission.


After blessings from Archbishop of Troy and Syracuse, Laurus, Mytropolitan of Washington and all of United States and Canada Archbishop Feodosi, and the bishop Zarajski Mercurii – the icon of Jose has gone to Greece for the Athon. In eve of a fifth Anniversary of Jose’s murder, by this new created icon Russian community in America wants to bow to founders of Iveron wonder and say thank to Jose for his devoted 15-een years long duty for the Orthodox Church Abroad.


 Welcome Back to Athens, Jose!

Jose Cortes was killed by satanic persons in Athens in the night of October 31, 1997. His death was not an accidental or cruel turn in fortune. Jose was repeatedly warned, he knew and had prepared for the acceptance of the wreath of martyr. More over, he dreamed about this all his life. Beforehand, because he was a spiritual leader of Church, Jose had made a Testament that is also the Last Spiritual Will for entire Orthodox community Abroad. However, those who illegally has taken the property of a world-known painter still hiding from public his will and try to dishonor the memory of Jose Cortes.


On April 23 of 2002 on behalf of his first icon, Jose once more has stepped on the land of Greece. The icon has been brought to Andros where it was placed on the altar of St.Nicolas Church for the Liturgy on blank Revivals. Yet, the icon has received the blessing from Father Dorofeios who is a head of a Monastery and has known Jose for a long time. Moreover, was washed by holy water of a miracle source.


The story of this miracle origin takes us back to the year1760. It was a terrifying full of suffers and tears time for monks of the monastery. There were no water source and people were dying from thirst. After a jointly prayer the monks witnessed the appearance of St Nicolas who touched the rock and a little fountain against all the rules of nature started its life by saving lives of others.


The Island of Holiness.

The pilgrims visited a very special Island located in Mediterranean Sea. The Monastery there has concentrate great relics of Orthodox faith: wonder working icons, sacred power, ancient frescos, masterpieces of Byzantium art and painting as well as other antiquities. The monastery is surrounded with mesmerizing nature, rols in colors and has a peaceful view on the sea from its terrace. The last time Jose visited this place on the eve of his death, on October 29,1997. He called this powerful place “Heaven on the Earth” and was happy and proud that God had honored him to see such great wonders of Chtistianity.


The Prior prayed with pilgrims for rescuing Russian Foreign Church in St. Lazarus Church. Jose tormented with pain and grief has told to monks and the Prior here about the spiritual substitution, the awful tragedy that has overtaken Russian Church Abroad. Because of such despicable disaster, the holy Iveron icon could not remain in this world any longer and Jose was compelled to accept the wreath of martyr. Pilgrims repeatedly have visited the place of Jose’s murder in Athens to bring appreciation and love to the Chosen One. He will never be forgotten and still loved by people around whole world.


Mankind’s Spiritual Clock

The pilgrims were struck by the influential ancient wall fresco of 15 century of God’s Mother. When they entered the Church the following happened: upper eyelids of Virgin Mary image turned black as agate and have swelled up. Lower eyelids have darkened and tears rushed from her eyes. Mother Mary was crying and suffered from excruciating pain pleading for help and mercy as any average suffering woman. The scene was terrifying and hard to look at. Monks have explained that this event took place on April 2, right when the tanks surrounded Nativity Church in Bethlehem.


It has been over a month of her tears and suffers but the world community and modern Christian world remains silent and merciless. This is a real tragedy because people have betrayed Jesus Christ again. The world community has many legal ways to stop this disaster. But it looks like people turned back into pagans and do not wish to protect most holy Christianity relics. Those eyes of God Mother are a sentence for all Christians. 


The fresco starts to cry on the eve of universal accidents and great events in Christian society. When on October 29 of 1997 Jose approached the fresco of Virgin Mary not only she started to cry but the Forthcoming Angels. This phenomenon- the original spiritual Clock that has been sent to the modern society for education and revelation of Truth.


The Agent in a Cassock

Five years passed by since a tragic death of a gifted artist, painter and restorer but his will has never been open. Jose was quite solvent citizen of Canada. He had his personal bank account, a collection of unique icons, pictures figures, archives, relics and antiquities which he had collected all over the world. One of his customers was Canadian “Petroleum” Company. Jose did a number jobs as restorations and painting for it. He also gathered a lot of unique Christianity treasures and before the death, he worked hard to create a special list of all things and treasures of what the Church they will belong in the future.


But now Jose’s property is in untrue hands of his worst enemies father Victor Potapov (Golden) and his matushka. All his relics and pictures are hidden from public in Potapov’s house in Tacoma Park, MD. This people have manipulated relatives and justice illegally trying to hide the will. Jose’s mother arrived to Washington for 3 years Anniversary of his death and to open the will, but suddenly has passed away. Numerous references to the Police, Court, FBI, Interpol, to the General prosecutor of Maryland Mr. Stephan Montanarelly and to the Minister of Justice of Canada Mrs. Ann McLillan with calls to provide an investigation, did not bring any result or solution.


In one of last statements, May 20, the President George Bush declares that there is justice in the United States and any person on whose fault innocent blood has spilled will not escape the punishment’. How should be punished the one who has deprived mankind from the greatest miracle and who continues to defame holy person? The Prior Father Dorotheos asked pilgrims to trust in God who has revived Lazarus four days dead, and pray. Validity will triumph and eventually the truth will be open to all of us.



















1.      Jordanville, N.Y. Easter-2001.  Vasili N. on the Jose Cortes grave


2. Most Holy Theotokos Tihvinskaya. Maryland, Chrismas-2002.

3,4,5, Andros, Greece, April 2002

 6. St. Nicholas origin.

7. St. Nicholas Cathedral in Monastery.

8. Mankind's Spiritual Clock..

9.Father Parfenii and pilgrim Anatolii. To the Palm Sunday Liturgy.

10. Athens. Grand Hotel. Right balcony in the corner, 8-th level – the room N 806.

     11. Washington D.C., Easter-2001. Iveron’s icon Day. After Jose Cortes icon’s blessing.


LUCH 2002