It is difficult to imagine and rationalize this national orgy of evil, Satanism, elevated to the rank of government policy.

President Obama is «concerned» about the fact that Russia has banned gay-pride parades. However, in no way concerned about his own country where Christians are killed in the prime years together with their families and even infants are not spared. In any case, no one heard a word from him about the events in Salem on the night of 22th May. So far nothing has been mentioned.

This world is divided into day and night, in good and evil, on truth and lies, the children of God and the servants of satan. Come onto someone else's territory and behave carelessly there might cost you your life. Perhaps Lazukins weren’t careful on this satanic day and didn’t take so much needed precautions. Not a single call to the police: it clearly says that the murder was well and carefully prepared. It is possible that Nicholas’s cell phone was stolen that day, and the phone cord was cut in the house. Thus, the ability to call and ask for help was probably completely not possible. Natasha cried, but here everything is provided in advance by bribing the neighbors. And about 2, 3 o'clock in the morning, when all were fast asleep, the house was broken into. And a massacre started…




















What do you hate us for, America?



They are hunting on us openly. He dies for us to be awake.

Constant bloody human sacrifices to vaal make this country totally unfit for the living of foreign Christians.


In loving memory of Nicholas, age 27, Natalia, 26 years old, Angelica (6 years), baby Zoe (1 year), baby Sophia (4 months). They were killed on the night of May 22 in Salem, Oregon.


Larisa Gumerov, MD, site Editor. Judging from the photos released by victim’s brother Artem Lazukin, Nicholas had been tortured. Possibly even in front of his wife and children. All Nicholas’s fingers appear to be broken, his head and his face bruised, his throat cut, broken ribs, his body covered with bruises and abrasions. Then all were shot. Nicholas may have been shot after being tortured. The little four-month Sofia was strangled. This is the «handwriting» of crime when such atrocity takes place, when everything is covered with blood (just look at the pictures: how many people it took to wash it off!), When no one is spared, not even infants, and all the witnesses has been carefully disposed of (only 4 blocks from Lazukin’s residence the body of 21-year old resident of Salem, Devin Matlock was found with a blunt force trauma to the head. All of which is typical for the Satanists.

Neighbors heard screams and cries for help throughout the night. Lazukins begged for help. The nearest neighbor said to the police she thought Lazukins were having a party. That's it. And all of this despite the fact that their large family never had any «parties». At night, children are usually deep asleep. But no one, not one of the neighbors helped and no one called the police. Personally, our family wasn’t surprised by such unwillingness to help by the neighbors knowing our own neighbors and their lack of concern for each other. As I mentioned earlier the phones at Lazukin’s residence were probably simply cut off. Not a single call to the police – it clearly says that the murder was premeditated. Salem’s Satanists «party» turned out well – 5 innocent Christians has been murdered.


And as expected the following campaign was introduced in the press and on TV that allegedly «Nick killed his family and then turned a gun on himself». Defame the innocent and throw the blame around until it sticks – this is for Satanists main rule. But there are more than 100 witnesses, the entire Orthodox community of Salem, who vigorously denies such accusations. The priest Fr. Vyacheslav Boinitscký also the church warden Peter Ignatowicz and the entire congregation are adamant that Lazukins – were the perfect couple and adored their daughters. Nicholas loved Natasha, kids, and was completely normal, good and radiated happiness person. Yes, there was some past history, he had a fall out with someone, and there were some allegations. But excuse me, there are constantly all sort of allegations against us. And we are constantly being convicted of all sorts of rubbish, with a single goal in mind: they want to deprive us of our children. Any normal person, if he is not an idiot with runny nose, will always at some point have a heated argument with someone. But in America there is always a price to pay even for something as silly as an argument. Sometimes this price is too much. Because unfortunately Russian relentlessly and secretly being hunted here. Like some wild beasts. And if you will give them the slightest excuse, well…

On Wednesday, the 23rd of May, one of the police officers investigating the case of Salem massacre came out of the Lazukins house with a rifle case. And preceded quietly, in everyone’s plain sight, transfer it into his car according to a news site Oregon He did not bother explaining to the reporters or others why there were weapons at Lazukins house? And whether any of it even belonged to Nick or his wife? As expected – no comments. We can only speculate that perhaps that was indeed the murder weapon. And another shocking fact:  On May 11, cousin of Nick Lazukin, Natalia Tupikova, was killed in Washington. Her body was found in the ditch of the roadside. She was usually walking in the area. She suffered blunt force trauma to the head – exactly the same way the body of Devin Matlock was found. Her burial took place on May 16th. Thus, 7 (seven) of the victims of this murder case finally.

Dear compatriots in the U.S. and Russia,
We have been warned many times that for Christians and for all sincere believers, the dates (of any month) 1, 2, 6,11, 13, 22, 26 – are very dangerous. If Satanists are preparing a crime against us (and they are always prepared and very careful .By making local police station aware of Nick Lazukin they made him a suspect in advance), they will certainly use one of these numbers as a date.  The satanic favorite numbers are «11» and «22», «26». These are the days for fasting and prayer; avoid any plans for these days and most importantly, for the nights of 11-th, 22-nd, 26-th. Perhaps even stay awake in prayers. If you know Archbishop John of Shanghais and San-Francisco (Maksimovitch), he didn’t sleep at all. He has never had a bed, just a rocking chair, where he was dozing lightly before the Service. In times like this when antiChrist is near we cannot sleep all night. At night, when evil has surrounded us, we must be at constant prayer vigil by the icons. And with the dawn you can lie down.


At our house, in Maryland, during the night we barricade our doors with furniture. On top of the barricade we put a huge brass bell. If it falls – the commotion will wake up the whole district. Satanists are trying to do everything quietly, by the law so they definitely will avoid the noise. Make sure all your windows are closed shut each night before bed. Someone can always come through an open window, unlock it, get in the house and wait there until you leave.
In addition, we have a dog, a Brussels griffon, who hears every whisper, every noise and raises a wild howl if someone near our house. «The dog is ears of the house», says the proverb. Many Americans keep a few dogs at their houses as guards, sheep dogs, and at night they are released into the yard. The Americans themselves are generally very careful, as opposed to us. But they do not share with us their secrets of survival. America – the most xenophobic country in the world, the slightest accent – and you never will be «one of them». Survive on your own, as you wish. Also it’s good to have a fence but we have been denied permission to have one. That is why in days of danger I barricade the entrance with the car. 

Never forget in what country by the will of God we are destined to live. This is a country of Freemasons, infidels, vampires, evil spirits, as well as wizards, witches, zombies and all sorts of perverts. All of them hate Christians with fierce. The entire state system of  the United States, including the police, courts, municipal services, lawyers and so on, all working for them, the villains and the infidels, and of course against us.  

We are Christians, and we are not afraid of death – yes, it is common knowledge. But we have a responsibility which is to educate and raise our children. Without our care, without our war for their souls they will become outcasts, drug addicts and ultimately dead here in America. Therefore, we should live. So, in all we must understand and take all possible and impossible precautions. Especially in days like 1, 2, 6, 11, 13, 22, 26 – of each month (i.e.: on the night of the 1st, the night of the 2nd, the night of the 6th – and so on).

ETERNAL MEMORY to the innocent sufferers! Let their terrible death not be in vain but to save many, many Russian people from certain death in this country. In this country everything goes by different «laws» than in Russia. But we unfortunately can’t always comprehend that. Because, OK, how really all of this horror even possible in the most democratic country of the entire world? But alas, this is so. And until you wake up, until you learn how to protect your children and your family, to get out of reach of the Satanists such terrible crimes may be very well repeated ... God forbid!







LUCH 2012