Russian Orthodox Christians and all believers


        For the American people who are suffering in the dreadful acts of nature.


   To the Lord Creator, Lord Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, to Joseph the Keeper, to St, Nicholas and St. John Shanhaiski/San-Francisski

                                           Wondermakers, to the Royal Martyrs and to all Russian & American saints.


                                    In the Name of the Father, and Son, and the Holy Spirit,  


Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, You are the Hope of this world and the true support of all who believes in Thee!


We pray to Thee with our faces bowed in shame, for we are unworthy slaves of Thee, Lord!


Forgive our voluntary and involuntary sins, and have mercy on America in this Hour of Your terrible Coming and true Judgment of us. Please have mercy on the suffering of innocent children, on the tortured souls of old men, the confusion of our humanly souls, as we await your dreaded day of judgment.


Do not forget, Lord, that America belongs to Thee! It is enlightened by grace and filled with the wisdom of the gospel. Many people in America believe in Thee, in Son of Thee – living God, Who has come into this world to save us. Let all of them, those, who believe in Thee, be always saved and protected!


Yes, we are truly guilty before you. Here we are, our heads bowed in shame, and cry out and call out through all our tears because we did not save your great treasure of faith and freedom from your enemy.


Oh, how many of these treasures have You given us throughout all of America and Canada, and here we are, such failures, for now we all are equally consumed by materialism. For we all have in our minds the rewards of earthly treasures, as opposed to true divine treasures. You have given us true Freedom of believing in Thee, but we have chosen to become miserable slaves of this world.


Oh, sorrow to you, America!


Lord, Jesus Christ, Our God. We still have strong hope in the faces of all the saints to ever walk on American soil. They pray for us, they represent us before Thee, and maybe through their prayers and their deeds, You will change Your mind when our Judgment has arrived.


Please have mercy on us, who you have gathered together with different backgrounds, cultures, languages, in the meaning of the universal glory and magnificence of Your Name. With the prayers of all the saints, Jesus, lead away from us the fury of our Creator. We confess that this is justified and right fury, that You have a reason to be so furious with us. This is because we have betrayed the commandments of Kindness and Love on which God has built the foundation of the Universe.


We understand that we deserve even bigger punishments than this, but please, at least have mercy on us for the sake of your Mother, for She has prayed for our survival. May the screams and cries of children and the cries of dying people with no hope of survival not destroy her wonderful and holy Birthday celebration!


And may your enemy and the enemy of our salvation not celebrate that we have timelessly and senselessly died! It was you, oh Lord, that has created us and called us to live here on Earth, to grow and become courageous, to grow in spirit, and blossom here on the soil of America, which You have chosen to be such an incredibly beautiful country!


Forgive us, all of the sinners! Stop this chasm that approaches upon us and wants to overcome us like an evil monster. Yes, we have fallen into this chasm of betrayal ourselves. This chasm is even more frightening and deep than that which Adam and Eve have fallen into for committing the first sin. And still, knowing your incredible kindheartedness and mercy, we dare to ask for the forgiveness of Thee.


For Thou hast died on the Cross and spilled all of Your Holy Blood and given You whole Soul to save us, we know how sacred and caring You truly are. You make all things possible, Lord, our kindhearted Savior! You will hear us, confessing before Thee, asking for forgiveness. Please, raise up Your Arms that created so much beauty in the Universe and stop the destruction of America and Your people!


Oh, OUR SAVIOR, please give us one more chance and save us!


All Holy Theotokos, please, keep us in your prayers to your Divine Son!


St. Nicholas the Greatest Wonder maker, pray to God for us!


All holy Royal Martyrs, please pray for us!


And all the saints of Russia and America, please pray for us!


Lord, Have Mercy on us! (40)




The Holy Cross of The Romanov’s Family –

The holiest treasure of the Royal Martyrs.

The Serafim Sarovsky Church, Nanuet, NJ, USA





          Jose Cortes, One of the last Royal Martyrs, who won the world in 1997. 








     LUCH 2006