Before you – the surprising world of alive pleasure, alive paints and sounds - the world of simplicity and limiting sincerity and, simultaneously, incomprehensible perfection. The magnificence collected together equally bears on itself a trace of that light which is inherent in all members of Imperial Family. It flows from all here portraits and photos literally. Can, it and refers to as light of soul? Vivifying heat covers suddenly and fills with inexplicable pleasure. Yes, here simply things, it is simple subjects; but on soul for some reason a holiday, the sun – a mazurka!


And distinctly you realize, that all here alive! All these subjects – alive certificates of gentle attachment, human happiness, great secret. Each of them – a sign on love or care, aspiration to surprise, please the expensive person or to support it a difficult minute. Limiting heat of mutual adoration creates a unique atmosphere of surplus of pleasure, the solar commotion, a spring chaos... Can therefore it bright – жёлтой so much, pink, lilac, turquoise paints in interiors, on fabrics


Perhaps, it opens from all absolute stands and show-windows, from each of them separately - simple human happiness. A peace life of amicable Family where all is arranged extremely simply: " seven I ". Everyone adores all and everyone, and there is an Epicentre of adoration and all joint aspirations: she is Mum. Mum reigns not because she is Russian tsarina. At all is not present. Simply better Mums are not present anybody on light! Mum is the Sun, Mum - the Standard of everything, Mum is the biggest Pleasure, the finest Dream


Here Alexei’s first letter in the English, written for Mum. It is visible, as the kid tried, telling about walk in a garden with a small cat who hardly has not scratched it. The letter is written on a special water colour paper, with touching гуашевой берёзкой, obviously picked up to a theme. Any blot. All letters are in the line, without any smallest excess on a sheet!  Absolutely ideal, perfect work intended obviously for the Ideal – for adored, unique, beloved Mommy.


Great labor of Love is seen in all. On each bagatelle, a leaflet, a picture, a vase – its alive trace lays her отсвет. Almost all subjects of the Exposition the mood of the moment has donatives date that helps to restore, as though to see, to plunge into his unique atmosphere.


Whether " to you It was cheerful today? " – too abrupt inclination of obviously hasty Russian letters, probably a note after the children's ball, secretly putted in a hand of the dear person. " The love will appear suddenly unexpectedly how hurricane " – it is written diligently and taken in inverted commas - the set text of any charade in which so was cheerful to play together? Accurately copied verses, reminders on affairs and employment, the very first impressions from walks and meetings...


Amazingly - any presence of tragedy. The slightest hint on it. Anybody around does not speak about it - so much you see the sun, radiant alive game, beauty, paints! Sensation of completeness of a life, alive presence of children, their pranks, leprosies – that cheerful commotion, a vortical atmosphere of a happy House which managed to be created I reign to Nickolas and his Spouse. As the huge branchy tree, it prevails over all rest.


The stage of representation to Successor Mr is for some reason recollected ridiculous up to tragic element. Mr. Gibbs, his first teacher of English language. To Alexei was years six, or seven. After luxury and delights of stay in a mother's boudoir, Mom’s warm hands and fantastic eyes – face-to-face lesson with a dry, lean Englishman who has frightened of his and kind, and the, to put it mildly, constrained manners was coming the boy. Has frightened, probably, fine, up to any stopper, or tetanus.


Too proud to cry, and without any idea how to be protected from a similar mummy, a little royal just grabbed scissors from a table and started to cut to pieces them everything, that got under a hand. In full horror, having decided, that he see a violently moonstruck before, Mr. Gibbs started to ring in a handball, stamp legs and to shout for help, than has even more frightened the child. In result, together with scissors, Alexei was so densely rolled up in a palace portiere, that it was failed, making rouing. The come running parlourmaids was rather to oll him back. In result, together with scissors, Alexey was so densely rolled up in a palace portiere, that that has failed, and to the come running parlourmaids was rather problematic to wind off it back... Fortunately, has done without victims


And here – the whole hall of toys of this spoilt child and prankish Alexei! That here only is not present: in full growth fantastic Indian donkey, all over bended with bells and ribbons; the whole Russian City, with belfries, palaces, the present bells; tell-tales and nails, a military drum and the Cossack Armour. And on the monitor of TV you see him twisting фуэте in a snow, marching строем with contempoparies on a parade-ground, diving in a swimming bath. Marvelous beauty the boy was hereby the man – the fighter, the leader, the ringleader.


In a show-window devoted to children's rooms of great duchess, the amazing carved furniture, the Chinese service, pictures with clever ridiculous Hares and Bears in the kettles, drinking tea, elegant dolls, an amusing clockwork doggie is placed...


Red with white painting of this fluffy собачки breaks on its short хвостике. Apparently, she funny waved it хвостиком, and children dragged all time and touched it so have wiped a matter up to a flat basis. To look at this threadbare by handles small Княжён хвостик - without tears it is simply impossible... The Domestic world of imperial children in many respects traditional-Russian, at the same time also is quite international. Here we see novelties of the European culture - for example, camera "Кодак" in hands of grown-up Olga, Magnificent stationary, паражающие safety of paints and papers, massive well-groomed picture albums.


Everywhere marvelous photos, portraits of children and all Family – on walks, on employment, at visiting memorable places, hospitals, temples, any actions. It is not enough the photos connected to balls and amusements. If it is fair, those to me personally have not met. But the set of the present brass tools, different little hummers, knifes, nail files - for manufacturing frames and ornaments from a leather was remembered. The set belonged to girls. They produced many of photo frames by themselves.


What they different, on character, on the predilections and hobbies, Great duchess, but as are equally lovely and charming! The refined Olga, senior. She the authorized representative the Daddy, reads much, is silent and romantic, at times too much strict in judgments. Tatiana, the Governor, mostly approached the Mom; very much on it is similar. All knows and able, never forgets nothing, is accurate, smart, affable. To Tatiana everyone follows advice and the help if there are any vital problems: where to take, that it the perfect match, how to act in the situation and what to do for the better. She is always imperturbable and knows absolutely everything.


Maria, or " a chunky Van’ka-vstan’ka ", good-natured, tender, tactful. Always is able to find words of support, to make laugh. She has her own secret to calm everyone. Perfectly draws, loves walks and dances, it is frequently carried with a little brother, adores dialogue and games. Anastasia – true " the boy in a skirt ": the prankish, сорванец, пересмешница, incorrigible шалунья. She the general favorite, every day – a new surprise.


With the Daddy children are speaking Russian, with Mom – mostly in English. Everyone try to do without servants, it is as much as possible to work, frequently to visit a temple. Mum does not bear idleness and accustoms a smoke to work from the tender age. Strict the Daddy wants to see in children a kind example for all Russian children. So demand from them, at all love and the care, respective. Great duchess and Alexei idolize parents and want them to afflict with nothing. The rare unity in acts and thoughts of the Family in the best way definitely we can see from the kid’s part of the home.


Certainly, are submitted at the Exhibition and subjects of imperial luxury: ornaments, hours, броши, crosses, icons, porcelain, cigarette cases, bagatelles Фаберже, marvelous orders of tsarina, gold rises from christening the Successor, the refined furniture. Each subject is in own way unique, is at times executed by a factory or factory to any especial date, with a donative inscription, in especial registration. About the stand – a photo or figure of an internal interior of a palace, where the given subject (hours, a vase, an icon, a cross, desktop) were. The visitor not only sees a thing, but also as though feels all its domestic context.


And nevertheless things, subjects, luxury here not main. Above all reigns special spirit of Family: spirit of love and gentle care, spirit of service to Beauty and limiting feedback of to people, spirit of modesty and diligence, game and naivete. The imperial Family fascinates the sincere heat, the opened generosity of Russian heart. All best, that was and remains in Russia, in Russian character and national soul is shown with limiting clearness and persuasiveness. " The riches are good, but love – is above of all” .This simple True Romanovs have proved with the whole life and the Leaving. 


Values of family, value of human attitudes always were priority for traditional America. Therefore so interest of Americans to Экспозициии is amicable and sincerely deep. Last Russian idealists, romanticism, Prisoners of Dream - Romanovs have managed to construct the unique fantastic world. It is the world of paints, creativity, children's pleasure, enthusiastic dream. Such remains forever - in fact the spirit lives outside of time, outside of national, social and territorial limits.


The heritage of Imperial Family today became an integral part of world universal Culture. Thanks huge to everyone who has helped to see it so clearly and so extremely close - in fact and it too one more miracle.



       ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥


Newark is chosen one today so blessed,

It’s dancing in a beat of the mazurka,

And someone whispers, by the ray I guess:

Look, look! But not on stones and figures!


Ньюарк весь светом залит изнутри,

искрится в ритме огненной мазурки,

и кто-то шепчет солнечно: смотри,

смотри, но не на камни и фигурки.


Look at these faces, shine on you and me,

Whose purity had never knew a shadow.

And that is why, above of Destinies

All mighty God them handed saving matches


Смотри на эти лица, эти лбы,

чья ясность не изведала сомненья,

и потому над кратерером Судьбы

им Бог вручил спасительные звенья.


Look at them eyes, at foreheads, see again,

Ruin a dam of soul – what for commander?

Let out this pain, let happen like a rain,

While you will down on your knee at wonder


Взгляни же им в глаза, смелей, смелей!

И отвори души твоей запруду –

излей всю боль, полней её излей,

ниц повергаясь перед светлым чудом!


And you will see: their Unity – the base,

Of what was later on the planet happened.

The Sign of Light’s on every Royal face,

And Heart of Russia wasn’t killed, but hammered,


Ты видишь: их Единство – не пустяк,

и не оплошность всё, что ни случилось.

И этот Свет Неубиенный – Знак,

что снова сердце русское забилось,


It hammered in Goodness highest spell –

For joy to all and bringing all to freedom

So, please accept a secret angel bell

And share this blessing paid by their martyrdom


Оно забилось в Горней Синеве –

всем в утешенье, праздник и усладу.

Внимай же тайной ангельской молве

и будь готов к великому параду


All Russian armies reconstruct for Light,

Love, Our Queen, release from gale of darkness.

It’s won complete, our sacred offal fight,

Our Victory like Justice happens!


Все русские войска опять построй,

Любовь-царицу выведи из плена.

Он  выигран, святой и страшный бой, 

Победа наша совершенна!


Again about Hope fantastic I sing

For the world and a universal Cathedral.

They have created more, than Family:

Have combined the Hymn for world chorus!


Вновь о Надежде сказочной пою

для мира и вселенского Собора.

Они создали больше, чем Семью:

сложили Гимн для мирового хора!


Newark of last and so gloomy times,

Newark in lifeless net of materialistic –

You lit up with a Truth eternal Sun.

With Russian Sun - wake up for hope and spirit


Ньюарк, последних сумрачных времён,

и в бездыханной тьме матерьялизма –

ты вечным Солнцем Правды озарён,

под Русским Солнцем –

просыпайся к жизни!



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