Only now we begin to discover the younger Tsvetaeva as a writer, artist and philosopher. Not less gifted, than Marina, Anastasia shared the bitter fate of Russian People, who were catch by Stalins regime. 22 years of her Life were spent on prison stages, jails and settlements. She never changed her beliefs/ She nrver served and flattered the government. Like a lonely and great mountain peak, Anastasia resisted the terrible cataclysm of the XX century, retaining her Fairytale Castle. Its doors are now open for you!


A Tail of Our Meeting. 1991.




On September 5, the Dormation of Holy Mother of God, it has been 26 years since her departure. Anastasia Tsvetaeva was a great Daughter of Russia, Eras witness and an amazing woman. September 27 marks the 125-th Anniversary of her birth. Who does not know Asya, the sister and friend of Marina Tsvetaeva? Asya is known and loved by everyone who knows Literature, Poetry, and Art. Considering that not only writers and poets find themselves to be admirers but also students, art historians, critics, editors, philologists, publicists, translators and screenwriters, teachers, artists, TV and Theater workers, directors, and journalists .. For Russia, the experts of Poetry and Literary classics are not uncommon at all as we know in all professions and in all walks of life.


So we naturally assume that Asya Tsvetaeva is widely known and extremely popular, both in Russia and abroad. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. The reason is not only the sister's eclipse of the glory and not just the Stalinism under which wheels Anastasias fate fell. Rather, it is connected with the phenomenon of the Tsvetaevs family: with unusualness and a unique degree of giftedness of all its representatives. This phenomenon is perhaps unique in worlds culture and in the history of Russia. All of them do rise above the world of people, like people from another galaxy and stand isolated and apart - even from each other, and understanding each of them requires not only rare abilities but also inspiration.


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The Phenomenon of the Tsvetaev family: just like the aliens from other galaxies and higher worlds.

Their faces are illuminated by the light of the Mystery, one for all.


Father, Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetaev (1847 /1913), a famous scientist-researcher of Ancient Culture, professor at Moscow State University, founder and first director of the Museum of Fine Arts named after Emperor Alexander III. The son of a clergyman, he gave his life to the cause of the Enlightenment of the Russian People. And in the next generations of this family, the tradition of Christian asceticism is preserved: fidelity to the high duty, full dedication and flaming ..


The word FIERY is the single key to the identity of everyone in the family. Maria Alexandrovna, the mother of Marina and Asi, born Maine (1869 /1906), was a sublimely romantic and at the same time strong-willed courageous woman. Her appearance and manners were distinguished by true aristocracy; this matte pearl complexion and external restraint of the Tsvetaevs sisters (and new generations of the family) are of course inherited from their mother. A gifted pianist and a student of Rubinstein himself she gave concerts and was known among connoisseurs of music. In her life, Maria Alexandrovna always strove for the highest goals, boldly took the most impossibly creative lines. This fearlessness was inherited by her daughters.


Well educated, the mother of Marina and Asya perfectly knew languages, History, world Culture, especially she loved and appreciated German Poetry. She began to prepare her daughters early for the ministry of Music. This required not only talents and enormous industriousness, but also will, discipline, and courage. The mother was able to equally lay these qualities in girls, and although she passed away in early age, the main facets of the character of these giantesses of the Spirit turned out to be fundamental, and saving and firmly formed. Mother had forever stayed in the memory as the goddess, the tuning fork of their souls, which sang in unison.

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Master and Legend of Russian Music Anton Rubinstein


Their eldest step sister, from Ivan Vladimirovichs previous marriage was Valery (1883 /1966) the choreographer, also a fine connoisseur of Art, she had lived a life in the name of the Russian Ballet, educating the younger generation of its high examples. Brother Andrei (1890 /1933), a lawyer and an expert in the field of Art, was also passionate about Literature Music and Poetry. His daughter Inna Andreyevna (1931 /1985), agronomist by trade, was an expert and researcher of Russian and Foreign Literature. She had encyclopedic knowledge as well as acting charm. She was excellent in poetry declamation. Marina and Asya, their children and grandchildren, their husbands this whole powerful branch of Tsvetaevs Family tree, is replete with the wonderful fruits of Education, Knowledge, all kind of Talents, creativities success the divine uniqueness of each person.


Anastasia, as well as her great sister, possessed a rare gift of the Word. Since childhood, fluent in European languages, she began literary work early. She wrote novels and essays, she was a brilliant translator and literary critic. In addition, she perfectly painted, seriously studied Music, the Art of singing. She was interested in all types of Art. Anastasia literally lived and breathed creativity, until the last breath she did not part with a pen and notebook, with her favorite books, paints, notes.


Like Marina, Asya from the very young years devoted her life to the serving of the Beauty. Even at the time of her youth Asya Tsvetaeva struck the creative elite of Russia with the paradoxes of her Royal Thoughts, the novel Smoke, Smoke, Smoke ... (1916), critical articles and essays. The connoisseurs of her literary talent were Maximilian Voloshin, Osip Mandelstam, Boris Pasternak, Maxim Gorky. Sister Marina enthusiastically noted the amazing insight and a very special vision of the younger sister's world.


Its time to go now, Sister!

And everything is on the way.

May God save soulful voice!

Ill miss you!

May child-like wisdom stay the same!


As you know poems do come true. As the poet requested God kept Anastasia and all her long, incredibly difficult life until, she was 99 years of age! However, today we have to admit that as writers, artist and intellectuals we are just starting to discover the youngest of two brilliant sisters. And there are many reasons why. Beginning from the glory of Marina, which shadowed the wildness of Anastasia, to the last historical drama of Russia. The terrible 22 years of Stalin's camps and exile followed by a regime settlements farther from Moscow was the sad fate of many manuscripts created in prison. However, because of the regime it has never reached the reader and this does not help either popularity or fame of the writer.


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Maestro Rubinstein was a true Hero of Tsvetaevs Family


But the main reason for so called loss of the name of this Author for modern reader happened because Anastasia Tsvetaeva herself. As paradoxical as it sounds, it lies in the incredible strength and originality of her talent. It happened because of the scale of her personality, including her non-female will utmost honesty in everything and uncompromising nature. The person of her caliber almost always doomed to isolation from everything accidental and temporary. He is immersed in his own world and focused on the work of the soul. This is true creativity, which in essence is always a co-creation of the Creator. This is a lonely aspiration upward, a complete renunciation of the world, sacrificial burning in the Heights of the Spirit.


Therefore, as a writer, Anastasia Tsvetaeva has never been modern. She created her own different world dragging the reader into it by the hair. Impossible, non-maturing in spite of any earthly circumstances and laws, the Girl-Giantess, The Russian Alice in Wonderland who was passionately in love with her craft, Asya Tsvetaeva was never realistic. Especially since the Soviet realist. Here it is, the reason for its ignorance as the Author : the separation from the average general populations level is indeed the gift and degree of combustion of the Tsvetaevs. Plus a stylistic paradox, the subtlest humor, far from being understood by the new generation. Maximalism in everything and always. On this path, Anastasia Ivanovna went too far from the literary experiments and mass crafts of her time. She always preferred to stay true only to herself.


Those few who managed to understand read and ponder, with due attention of the novels, animal stories, tales and memoirs of the writer, will probably agree that they never met such a style, such a language, such a vivid imagery and simplicity, and no one. Asya presents her soul with a wave of wonderful and unique sincerity, its hard to breathe, from gushing gratitude and surprise. She is amazing. The world seems beautiful, penetrated by light, harmonious, wise. Everything around falls into place and everything is easy and simple.


In the spirit of his work, Anastasia is little to nothing like Marina, except for the same degree of sincerity and burning. But we will not talk much, dear Reader. May your own discovery please you, perhaps inspire you to something. I will add that since 1959, like thousands of other innocent sufferers of Russia, Anastasia Ivanovna returned from long wanderings to places of exile and settlements to her native Moscow. Gradually, life began to improve with the family of her son Andrei Borisovich Trukhachev and with the literary milieu, which Anastasia was deprived of for many years. Here, on these pages I would like to share with you my personal memories of our meeting in Moscow on March 29, 1990, which turned my whole life upside down



from an article for The Great Washington magazine.


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The Phenomenon of Creative insights

is the Great Mystery of the Highest Worlds







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