Masha Zakharova with evidence of abuse. 1998. The murder of dozens of children by Israel in Lebanon Kana. 2006.


Stop the shameless lies, assassins!
In prison, France brutally beat up the innocent Russian Orthodox actress and detained her only daughter Masha Zakharov-Ouari.



“My best Christmas ever”

Mr. Sarkozy and his cohorts, happy that they have separated Masha and her mother, according to their notions.



Sarkozy and Medvedev. The perfect union against Russians.


Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister is doing NOTHING to protect kids.



Alexander Orlov, Russian Ambassador in France. Dmitrii Mezhaurov, Consul.


They all have the same nazi faces and nazi uniform


The criminal government, Russian Embassy, media and juvenile union against 

Zakharov’s and all others separated.


RIA Novosti, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. PARIS. "On Friday, January 28, the head of the consular department of the Russian embassy in Paris Dimitri Mezhaurov met with Zakharova, who is serving a sentence in a women's prison Fleury-Merozhis near Paris.


It was found that a Russian citizen rights are respected, the attitude of the prison administration correctly, her        health is satisfactory. Zakharov examined by a doctor "- RIA Novosti press-secretary of the embassy Andrey Kuznetsov.


The Embassy continues to closely monitor the situation and has required Zakharova to get consular assistance, he said.


Natalia Zakharova’s call from prison Fleury Merozhis in Nice on Feb. 1, 2011 Her direct speech:



"Everything is very bad. No food. Very cold. I was systematically beaten. Blows to the face. The Embassy does nothing, but offered to extradite to Russia, from which I refused. My lawyer ,Benoit Deklozo, is unavailable. Deceived and betrayed by all. I do not know anything about Masha, I do not know where, and why hide it. I have no choice but to declare a hunger strike .


Masha forcibly taken from her mother when she was 3 years old.


In 2006, on false charges, Natalia Zakharova deprived of the rights of motherhood.


Victor Vakhitov, a Russian citizen, borrn in Paris. Deprived of mother in 2005.


Millions of Russian mothers separated from their children ..


"FORGIVE US!" At a monument to child victims of U.S. bombing in Belgrade.



You will answer before God for all their innocent tears, fascists!




FREEDOM The prisoner MODE SARKOZY Natalia Zakharova!

Stop killing our children and women!







LUCH 2011