SERGEI BODROV: The Mystery of the Holy Kazbek Mount that he maybe never knew


Герб Ставрополя

The Great Mount Kazbek with the Holy Trinity Cathedral


The Greeks called the Caucasus Georgia, named after St. George, «to whom God entrusted the protection of land especially this one». The ancient name of Georgia survived in modern foreign map

Christianity in the Caucasus was preached by the greatest people like an Apostle Andrew, Apostle Simon Canaanites, Saint Nino, Equal to the Apostles in and the Enlightener of Georgia and John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople. According to the legend, Georgia (Iberia) is the Apostolic Lot of Virgin Mary. After the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room of Zion, and cast Lots to which country to go to each of them. The Blessed Virgin Mary wished to participate in the Apostolic preaching. She had also drawn a Lot to go to Iberia. But by His own reasoning, the Lord asked Her to stay in Jerusalem. And the St. Andrew, who had brought miraculous image of the Virgin, went instead.


One of the Georgian Chronicles the story of the embassy in Iberia: «in the Lord's Ascension into heaven, the Аpostles with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, came in Zion upper room, where awaited the coming of the promised Comforter. Here the Apostles cast lots to determine where and who should go to preach. The Blessed Virgin Mary told them, «I wish I accept his lot and I head to the country to be determined by God to me. The draw was held. Virgin Mary took the inheritance of land Iberia (Georgia). She took it with a great joy and was going to be on her way, but it was the Lord Jesus himself, saying, «My Mother, do not cast your dice and your people will not leave without the heavenly blessing, but instead I am sending the Apostle Andrew with thy image. And thy image will resurface by applying your face to a piece of wood. The image of your face on the board shall replace you and your people will be the keeper of the ages. After this divine phenomenon Virgin Mary called St. Andrew and gave him the words of the Lord. Apostle said: «Son, Thy holy will and your will be forever». Then he washed her holy face, took a board, applied it to Her face, and indeed there was an imprint of Virgin’s Mary face on it. It has been known as «The image of the Lady with the Eternal Son in Her arms».


Do not start the boomerangs in the Caucasus.
Especially in Mount Kazbek, the Holy Mountain of the Lord!


Spiritual unity and friendship of Georgian and Ossetian – and the Russian Orthodox Church, which now joins the Sister-churches was built up and grew gradually, over many, many centuries. Russian Orthodox people and Orthodox Ossetians and Georgians became close friends, even in those years when worn tribute to the Golden Horde. The friendship that began in common trouble, in common ordeal nurtured itself to become deep and indestructible. It could not be insignificant or fruitless to the future.

The fruit of this prayer becomes even more obvious it is today. The common cause, as for free of national characteristics «Russians» as well as for «persons of Caucasian nationality» is becoming the restoration of our symbols of Christianity. And it is not only the newly erected churches, chapels and monasteries. It is known that King David (David Soslan) the exiled, the husband of Queen Tamara of Georgia, as a member of the Third Crusade to Jerusalem in 1190, has brought to Palestine Ossetia from the bottom part of the Holy Cross, on which our Savior was crucified. According to legend, this part of the Life-Giving Tree has been put on Mount Kazbek, a little below the summit, in a cave monastery «Betlemi» (in translation from Georgian «Bethlehem»), in the name of Christ. 

And now, after eight centuries after the holy King David, on September 11, 1999 (the day of the Beheading of John the Baptist Fair) the representatives from Vladikavkaz Cossack Army, Prohladnogo and Pyatigorsk, with a group of Ossetian mountain rescuers, has placed. The Orthodox Cross right on the summit of Mount Kazbek. The Cross itself has been blessed in Vladikavkaz Church of Holy Virgin.
The ascent was made by the way to the village KARMADON. It was the same path that in 1889, led the military topographer Andrew Shepherd and a group of Cossacks to the Mountain Kazbek. The Cross was placed there in accordance to the ancient tradition of the Church. Even in the relatively recent past Ossetians called Mount Kazbek «Chyrystiyy-tsup», the «Tip of the Lord Christ». Today, the Cross is once again on the tip of the Christ. From a five-kilometer height it is sanctifying the blessed land of the Caucasus; where in the I st. century Holy Apostle Andrew came to preach Christianity and brought with him the tradition to set crosses on mountains.


Фотография кафедрального собора Светицховели

The Iveron/Georgia Nation main Cathedral  Svetitskhovely of Holy Pillar in Mczesta.

One of the main spiritual symbols of Georgia. The Holy Coat of Jesus, had been stored in the base of it.
Seamless Coat was received by lot by one of the soldiers who were present at the Crucifixion (In.19 :23-24). According to legend, he was a Georgian and brought the relic to Iberia.
It was also here, at the base of the Cross, in the treasury to the Metropolitan in 1624 that Fair Reese of Lord was kept. Persian Shah Abbas transferred it to Moscow in 1625.

File:Coat of Arms of the Bagrationi Dynasty.svg

Coat of arms of the ancient noble Bagrationi dynasty.
The inscription on the emblem reads: «the coat was without seam but woven from the top»


Invasion of Bodrovs on Russian movie world ended by Karmadon

The baby-faced killer with clear eyes, who’s never tormented by conscience and not disturbed by the vision of slain victims is not something that normal: it is truly monstrous.

RAY-Sp20-2012: On September 20 of 2002 the George of Karmadon in S. Ossetia in just 10 minutes became a mass grave for 126 souls. In the blink of an eye everyone who was there at that time: local residents, staff of a resort and 51-man crew of the film «The Messenger» were gone. The strength of a power of a suddenly collapsed into the gorge ice and rock avalanche was equal to nuclear explosion. Who courted this terrible tragedy? Who disturbed gray Kazbek, the Caucasus, shook the entire planet and filled it with the rumblings of crumbled ancient rocks, volcanic gas explosions, gnashing of ice groans and cries of mothers, wives, children, and elders? Who made the All-Merciful Creator jerk to people – this «story» and showed the humanity to remember forever, this «movie»?

Caucasus Mountains and Foothills is a very special place on Earth: the main point of the History of Humanity and the Salvation of the Covenant of Grace. To this day, the Noah’s Ark saved by providence, rests on top of the Ararat. It is here the survivors of the Flood had seen the Rainbow. Kazbek also holds most sacred. The place is sacred: Karmadon Gorge is actually at the foot of the holy Mount Kazbek, the foot position here many centuries ago with the Holy Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sergei Bodrov according to his national roots (on father side) was a Tatar-Buryat. His father's mother was a Tatar, father’s grandmother – Mongolian / buryatka. Sergei is not likely to have been baptized, otherwise how could his roles in films preach violence and murder: as a way of life and as a method of struggle against evil? What is this if not an elementary savagery? Every Russian knows that God is His Сommandment. One of the main, «Thou shalt not kill», Sergei Bodrov must have not known that. As he did not know, did not realize that any evil committed, any violence always comes back to the person who produced it. Russian literary tradition never preached ethnic hatred, superiority, harassment on this basis. Especially a murder.



Crown of Thorns
moved to Notre-Dame de Paris by Louis IX of Constantinople in 1239
resting it in his hands, the king of France, marched through the streets of the city barefoot.
It is with this Crown of Thorns France was crowned as the First Catholic Kingdoms of Europe


Using their «creativity» Bodrovs dashed the century traditions of Russian Orthodox Culture. It happened as they crossed out all the highest conquests of national literature and the Enlightenment. The Russian speech was flowing, but the Tatar-Mongol genes took the reins: Christian education, and hence the consciousness, completely lacked in both. Not knowing (or caring) about the Commandments, they put the murder of a man – as the almost every day norm. Just as easy as drinking a glass of water. What’s more Bodrov Jr. described his bloody cinematic orgy as «protection» and even being viewed as «patriotism»? But this is serious, to the point of mental illness, misleading. 

Sergei Bodrov, in his creative imperative, went against God and against the traditions of the Orthodox Culture and Russian literature. Against Russia itself, which has brought him up and taught him, gave him the language, education, spirit and culture. He openly blasphemes. Having developed the taste for it, he reveled in glory. He blasphemes long and with impunity, to growing in confidence that he was making something infinitely important and essential to the millions of viewers. The main criterion in the cinema for him was to create something cool, original and surprise everybody. 

The «baby-faced killer», with clear eyes that never gets tormented by his conscience and never disturbed the visions of slain victims; it is not something that is normal: it's horrible. There is only one word to describe them: a lowlife. The fact that the thugs have made an idol, an idol for the generation, says only that the generation is completely ignorant and spiritually dead. Creator has had long endured such "art" or rather profound mental abnormalities, and this blatant stupidity. Until that moment. Until Bodrov Jr. came with this «luggage», with all the blasphemy ... to the Holy Mount Kazbek. To its very Cross! Next, it was impossible to simply tolerate ... 

Sergei Bodrov, for all his medals, honors and degrees, has not learned to take life seriously, think about the responsibility for actions taken. People with enormous talent have the responsibly before their generation to put it to good deeds, not evil. He made a mistake and he died. Died terribly and for all of us to get the lesson learned. A 300-meter high avalanche of ice and boulders, higher than a man, in a moment literally crushed him into powder. Any remains have never been found although the glacier has melt in the past 10 years. They could not find even a piece of metal or equipment or props, any machinery parts – absolutely nothing! There were no trace left of an insane idea, of the madness of the human race, of pride and cruelty. Here is a food for thought: what is it if not the retribution? What is it, if not the warning to all of us?


В храме Христа Спасителя хранятся уникальные святыни: частица ризы (хитона) Господа Иисуса Христа, частица ризы Пресвятой Богородицы и гвоздь от Креста, на котором был распят Спаситель. Также в храме находятся частицы мощей Иоанна Крестителя, апостола Андрея Первозванного, преподобной Марии Египетской, Иоанна Златоуста, Григория Богослова, Василия Великого, равноапостольного князя Владимира, князя Александра Невского, митрополита московского Филарета (Дроздова), а также мощи других святых и подвижников Церкви. Фото Владимира Ештокина

Instrument of the Passion of the Lord. The Holy Nail (in Lord Jesus The Savior Cathedral in Moscow).


The demise of Sergei and «The Messenger» entire crew has become the law of retaliation for the unprecedented blasphemy. It was a stern warning to all who works in the world of film and entertainment. And also to all the so-called «Russian nationalists», breeding slogans in the spirit of neo-fascists. Our world is created by love and by laws of good. There is no place for hatred and destruction. A man comes into the world for the light of creation, for brotherly love. «Love one another» was bequeathed to all of us by Christ. Do not put yourself out of that principal law and do not go against it. Do not blaspheme before God, before his Cross, before his sanctuary!
This film, just like Bodrov himself and all of its members, was doomed. No one will ever be allowed to duplicate the crime and violence in Caucasus at the foot of the Cross of our Lord. Here is the ALTAR! It is the majestic place of the Heavenly Father, the Creator of the worlds. It is by long centuries of prayer here at the Mount Kazbek the temple of the Spirit was built: the greatest holiness, of Heavenly Purity, beauty and harmony, where each soul must be bathed in repentance and reach for the skies. The greatness of the Caucasus and Kazbek – has no place for meanness and wickedness of man.
There were different temples of Majesty of the Lord built: such in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, in the Caucasus, in the mountain of Ararat in the Alps, around the city of Turin, where the Shroud of Christ rests, in Georgia, in the temple of Mtskheta at the Mtskheta Orthodox Cathedral, where at the base His tunic is laid; in Notre-Dame de Paris, France, where crown of thorns is kept as well as part of the True Cross and the nails. Another nail is displayed in the Cathedral in Karpontra, France. There are some in Milan, Italy At the several ancient, unshakable by the times, temples of the Lord the pieces of Holy Reese of Jesus still exists: in the Uspenski Cathedral in Moscow (since 1625) and sins 2007 it was replaced in Lord Jesus The Savior Catherdral; in Kostroma, at the Ipatiev Monastery of Romanovs; in St. Petersburg and in the churches of the Winter Palace and Peter and Paul Fortress; in Kiev Saint Sophia Cathedral. The Annunciation Cathedral, (now in the Museum of the Kremlin) as the main symbol of the power of Moscow Kingdom, from 1383, the famous Ark of Dionysius of Suzdal, which contains shrines of Passion of the Christ is kept. All of the Mount Athos in Greece filled with all the Majesty of God.
As for Bodrov Sr., then there is no punishment worse than survive your only son. And he deserves it: the movie «Mongol» (2007) was a monstrous provocation, stuffed with lies and betrayal. You should be hela accountable for such «art», such savagery and ugliness. Bodrov decided to rewrite our history according to his Buryat-Mongols believes. He heroines a maniac as a main character, the tyrant of Russia, and cynically blackened and shamed every Russian name that we hold dear to our hearts. Not even the name of St. Alexander Nevsky was spared. This outspoken, arrogant and completely out of control person has become a true enemy of our country, our history, all our traditions and achievements. SCARY SHAME!


Do not joke with God or the Caucasus, which is enlightened by the apostles and the Virgin Mary!


Respect Russia, learn about her great History, do love its people!

Baptize children


Мама нежно заботится об Оле и Саше






















December, 27, 2011 there was 40 years since the birth of the father of Alexander and Olga Bodrov.

Please, pray for these kids!

Everyone in the world is given the opportunity to be a man, not a savage.

Think about the Judgment, everyone shall receive upon leaving this Earth.





LUCH 2012