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No monarch has yet done the same as Saint Tsar Nicholas II done for Russia


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The top of Spiritual History and International Glory of Russia

«In what they have done, will know them…»

To this day no monarch in whole world of History has done the same as Tsar Nicholas II Romanoff for Russia. During the years of the last Emperor reign (1864-1917) the population of only its Central European part has increased by 62,000,000 people. For the period 1894-1912 Imperial Russia collectively had 7546 churches built not counting the chapels, the Holy Crosses, etc. Over 211 new male and female monasteries have opened, and 17 churches were built abroad. In total, there were 67 000 Orthodox Cathedrals and Churches and more than 1000 monasteries commissioned in Russia.  The power and authority of the Russian Orthodox Church in the world was vast and it extended to Europe, Asia, America, New Zealand, Africa, Jerusalem, Greece and Athos.


Ultimately, the influence of the Saint Nicholas on Russian people was such that saved millions. To live Orthodox way of life was the most honored way of living in the society. Being a Christian, a patriot of the Fatherland Orthodox was worthy and prestigious. Those working in God’s name and for the prosperity of  the country were highly appreciated: they were summoned to The Kremlin, to Tsarskoe Selo (Village) and  publicly honored. They were awarded orders and decorations. Poet Sergei Yesenin, was personally rewarded with Tsar’s gold watch adorned with his signature to commemorate his dedication to the Country, literary achievements and the love of Russian language.


Our great Saints Seraphim of Sarov, Anna Kashinkaya, Efrosinya Polotskaya and many others were glorified. On the initiative of Nicholas II, the Pre-Council Presence at the Holy Synod began its work and the very idea of ​​the restoration of the Patriarchate took its beginnings and was established in 1917. Finally, the freedom of religion was declared which included the Old Believers as well. All of it stood behind the pious life of the Emperor himself, His Family and His entire surroundings. The people looked up their Tsar. So just imagine the public’s outcry when in the 1990s of the last century the westerners came trying to impose the essence of “ tolerance” on Russians of all people. According to them we appeared as wild links - aggressive and unspiritual, “a nation of savages." Apparently it was all well known to Judas Soros beforehand and after almost 2,000 years of Christianity and the greatest deeds for the glory of God, Russia was declared a barbaric «wild country». Miracles, really. (Ray)


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1913. 300 years Anniversary Of Romanoff’s Royalty


It is historically noted that the total length of the railway tracks has increased by 58.251 thousand km during this period. The reign of Nicholas II was also marked by the economic development of Russia. The size of the budget for The Ministry of National Education (also translated as Ministry of National Enlightment - a government ministry in the Russian Empire which oversaw science and education) increased by 6 times. The Stolypin’s agrarian reform began the country’s recognition as the leaders among the market of agricultural products. A concept was put forward and immense positive changes of international level politics have emerged. On the initiative of Nicholas II, during 1899 and 1907, the famous Peaceful Disarmament Conference was held in The Hague, where the constructive proposals of the All-Russian Imperial were summit to the world. During these years, international conventions on the laws and customs of war were positively included, adopted and used to this day among those in the International Humanitarian Law.


In the very beginning of 20th century this economical and political development miraculously made Russia to become a leader between others most successful countries. The power of Russia and the opinion of its Emperor was the dominant of world Politics. It is certain to say that entire practice of International Law of the 20th century and all post-war period is being regarded and accepted based on political initiatives of the Last Russian Emperor and true Christian, Nicholas II.


Ask yourself to weigh carefully with what did we repaid our King for all His deeds? And sadly gotten back exactly what we deserved... Mistakenly we thought we were building “the greatest and free of czarism” country. In retrospect what we received back was a dry residue of our mistakes. Since the 1999 Russia has been occupied by the West and practically destroyed. Everything that was built without God is either demolished or sold. The land and 75% of country’s industry is in the hands of others. As we should know that it was said to us: «For without Me ye can do nothing (John 15:5). As well as we should remember that there could be no future without the repentance for historical mistakes we have made. And Russian nation has yet to have this repentance granted.


On this day, it is necessary to remind everyone again just what height did the Emperor of Russia Nicholas II, has reached. Such off of what height of world’s and spiritual glory he stepped for us onto the Cross. And what Russia has represented under the Saint Kings reign. Until we do not fully realize this concept our repentance won’t be truthful. Russia will remain in chains of the third invasion.


Yes, many great God's saints were born to the expanses of the Russian Land. Every area, city and even village has its own Saint. Among them are those with Saint Titles whose prayers and services have been worshiped. The glorifying of others continued its praise in the memories of old-timers and folk legends. The deeds of the rest, their holy life stayed with the Lord. Without these people there won’t be many glorious pages in the history of our country, and even Russia itself would have a completely different sight. And now on this richest Spiritual Fields, created by the Royal Redeemers and the New Martyrs of Russia over a 100 years ago, has scattered the seeds of Christianity – for all over the planet. It is spreading all over the exhausted Earth the wonderful world of Spiritual Fruit.

Royal Family – in Starry Eternity.

The Cut away Roses of Russia

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The portraits of Tsar Family in aluminum technique


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Isaac Cathedral, Saint-Petersburg.


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«The Imperial Russia»


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The exhibition of Nikos Floros arts

06. 09. 2016. Saint-Petersburg. Russia.


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They betrayed the Holy Tsar:

Богоотступников, предателей России и Святого Царя надо знать в лицо!


60 важнейших фактов Биографии Императора Николая II Романова


The painting of Pavel Ryzhenko «The Imperia fails». 2011.





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