The Royal Family outside of politics, national borders and time

     Sun in the Mazurka’s rhythm


♥♥Text Box:  A type of love, that happens once in a century and has a power to accept anything till the end ♥♥ The flow over admiring of this couple creates an atmosphere of spring delusion and solar ecstasy ♥♥ Bests of Russian character and soul are clearly present ♥♥ “Wealth is definitely goodness, but love is above of all,” that they proved with their life and Leaving ♥♥  


«Once upon a time, in two separate kingdoms, there came two child of such a rare beauty: a Boy and a Girl. Miraculously, God granted them equally kind hearts.


The two children grew up very quiet and behave, in love and respect of their parents, brothers and sisters, as well as excellent in studies too. Also they had same dreams of someday to see the whole world. However, there was an evil Fairy wanted the children and conceived hatred towards them, because she could not by any means to steal their hearts to make them angry.


Text Box:  On the other hand, there was a good Fairy that admired the smart kids and always helped them. One day the good Fairy decided to create a magical feast – a true fairytale ball, where they can meet and express themselves. That ball was happened. The Boy and the Girl, at the very first sight, recognized one the other and surely fell in love, immediately and forever. They were smart indeed.


The Royal Couple danced mazurka and waltzes excellent together. They wouldn’t ever be a part. However, the young Boy and the young Girl lived in two different kingdoms and their lands were so far away from each other. Because of this, many, many, so many poor and sad things happened before, and the children had to get through countless difficulties, until finally, one day, God united them together.  


The children became a Prince and a Princess loving each other deeply, like two beautiful flowers are opening towards the sun. God and the Patroness Fairy helped them to overcome all challenges with true royal dignity. Their wedding happened, like a day of glory and magnificent performance for both of great kingdoms ever.


The Boy was incredibly happy. He couldn’t even believe, that they triumphed over all thorns and finally left problems fare in the past. The Girl was a true, blinding fairytale Princess, in the dazzling wedding veil and golden lace. The Royal couple lived in love, peace and happiness for a long, long time. They had a beautiful castle and lots of kids. And what a miracle again, all of their children were sweet, smart and so beautiful!


As happiest lovers ever, the King and the Queen died at same day. Names of such a chosen ones were…»


Isn’t this a sweetest fairytale? Doesn’t Love conquer all? Isn’t a true that Love is always true? That is what definitely our eyes convinced us in the Newark City, NJ, after attending the «Nicholas and Alexandra: At Home with the Last Tsar and His Family» Exhibition.


The Exhibition has been open since September 29th 2004 and the inexhaustible flow of people that attended the display astonished us. After all, it was January 7th the very last day of the exhibition. In general, the crowd consisted of arrived Americans from all over the nation who came to see the wonderful fairytale of the departed century, express appreciation to the unfading Russian miracle and the Romanov Family.


Thousands and thousands of people were humbly waiting in line to get the first of the five small halls of the temporary exposition. The museum is located in the center of Newark, NJ. The unique exposition was organized and designed from splendid walls, glass showcases, and flawless interior. The exhibits were perfectly arranged, grouped together, and illuminated with sophisticated taste and enthusiasm.


Everything on this exhibition came in a set and matched, just crying out to tell as much as it could about the person and its historical time, about all greatest events of the reason past of Russia. All subjects and issues, even in each little piece of paper, had their own special place, with their own light flow. They also each had their own section in the catalogs, which were placed near each exhibit.


The past and the present organically soldered together by the genius of designers, superbly supplemented each other. The Victorian furniture of halls, with high antique columns and flower garlands of pastel tones, adjoined to the academic window dressing and stands. The scarlet velvet of paths was in harmony with pomp of smart portraits, with pictures and gobelin tapestries in heavy gold frames.      


Wide Russian Buffet – it was directly opposite to the central entrance, symphonic music, light of enormous crystal and bronze light holders, flat screens of TVs, formal indexes and elegant workers – all this together, both palace glittery, and genuine Russian style, perfectly matched with the modern design.


Organizers of the Exhibition obviously aspired to be on the level of the Content that they presented. Also it should be recognized that they had achieved it. Everything inspired here, everything tuned on the highest, poetic, philosophical mood. It seemed, that the space was filled in the mad spring sun – the symphony of illuminations increased in mirrors and sides of show-windows, in light of thousand surprised eyes was so strong!


All the things exhibited here, were taken from museums and private collections around the world. Most of them were extremely personal things, ornaments, books, subjects of the interior of a house of Family of Tsar Nicholas II, basically from the Alexander’s palace (modern Pushkin town, Russia). There were no policies or orders. There were no Decrees, decisions and historical documents, regalia of the Supreme authority, signs of the imperial power. Freely soaring in light streams, diamond sparkling – the miracle of human soul – opened towards to the people entered under these high arcs.

More details are here…


One can find here subjects of imperial luxury: ornaments, clocks, crosses, icons, porcelain, cigarette cases, bagatelles Faberge, marvelous clothes of tsaritsa, gold rises from christening the Successor, the refined furniture. Each subject is unique. Each subject is not only registered with detailed information, but also provided by a description of circumstances of its use or family events associated with it. The visitor not only sees a thing, but also feels the context of family life.


But things and luxury goods are certainly not the main thing here. The main thing is the reign of special spirit of Family: the spirit of love and belief, service to Beauty, the spirit of modesty and diligence, and the spirit of game and naiveté. The imperial Family fascinates the sincere heat and the opened generosity of Russian heart. The best, that was and remains in Russia, Russian character and national soul are shown with limiting clearness and persuasiveness. «The wellness is good but love is the main.» Romanovs have proved that this is the Truth.


A true love is always right and always wins! This is a simple truth, but almost a century required to apply this to the Romanovs family. The feeling after the visit of the Exhibition in Newark was that the main thing in the world had already happened: the whole world had seen this amazingly fine, maybe, the kindest Fairy tale of the XX century.


Family values, values of human attitude always were priority for traditional America. Therefore the interest of Americans to the exhibition is amicable and sincerely deep. Last Russian idealists, romanticism, Prisoners of Dream – Romanovs had managed to construct the unique fantastic world. It is the world of paints, creativity, children's pleasure, enthusiastic dream. Such things remain forever. In fact, the spirit lives outside of time and outside of national, social and territorial boarders.


The heritage of Imperial Family today became an integral part of world universal Culture. Thanks to all who had helped to see it so clearly and so extremely close. In fact this is one more miracle.


        Glory to Russia - Viva, America! How it is wonderful to do this kind of business together!








                        The Rosy Livingroom at the Alexander Palace.











        LUCH, 2005